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Miska Fredman
"I'm not a geek! I'm a level 12 paladin."
"I'm not a geek! I'm a level 12 paladin."


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"Graceful" 17/31
#inktober #inktober2017 #noCtrlZ
Sort of a pose study turned into Ghost in the Shell fanart 😜

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An idea dump regarding firearms in 5th edition compatible systems.

I've been designing a space opera #RPG based on the 5th edition rules and one thing that has been surprisingly challenging to find are simple and balanced rules for firearms, but still with a fairly realistic feel.

Usually the firearms do either big amounts of damage, like in the examples in the DMG, or then quite low damage making no significant separation rules-wise between bows and firearms.

Lately I've been thinking that the thing that separates bows from firearms is actually the rate of fire. Semiautomatic pistols and rifles can give a fairly rapid rate of fire with little effort. Therefore I've been steering towards this approach. A medium caliber pistol, for example, could do 1d6 points of damage, but it would have a rate of fire of 2 or even 3. This would mean that you could make two or three extra attacks per round on top of the attacks you get from higher class levels.

Combined with the increased chance of criticals, this would make firearms fairly lethal at expense of more ammo consumed.

What about advantages and disadvantages then? This is a good question. Some ideas:
- each attack is handled separately with its dis/advantages and modifiers.
- All the attacks are rolled at once and dis/advantages add one die, but drop only the lowest or highest result from all the attacks.

Also, some options to the rapid fire attacks:
- rapid fire would be handled like dual-wielding. (First shot with full modifiers, further attacks without Ability bonuses, uses a bonus action. Rapid fire with two guns not possible without feats etc).
- Rapid fire grants an advantage to the attack roll. (with extra attacks multiple rapid fire attacks could be made easily - as a note, this would also trigger the rogue's sneak attack. Anybody remember the close range double shots from Leon or John Wick?)
- Rapid fire grants an extra die of damage (Fairly simple solution)
- Rapid fire allows to reroll damage dies that come as 1s or 2s. (This would be in line with some other Feats and Abilities in the 5e rules)
- Rapid fire grants one extra attack. (If dual-wielding, would this allow two extra attacks? That would get quickly out of hand...)
- Attack roll may be rerolled. (This would be closest to the actual function of a "double tap" which is to increase the chance of hitting the target).
- Reroll attack or damage (this would not allow getting two hits, nor trigger sneak attacks, but would allow to ensure a hit or high damage, but not both)

Yeah. So many options already and I'm not even talking about autofire rules yet... :D

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The themes for the #mapvember2017 are now published.

Read more about #mapvember here:

#tabletop #RPG #cartography

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