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Misha M.-Kupriyanov
Works at Deutsche Online Medien GmbH
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Software Engineer at Deutsche Online Medien GmbH. Android, GAE, Chrome extensions, PHP, Python, Perl, JavaScript, Java, AJAX, HTML5, CSS3, XML, XSD, XSLT, XUL, C#, JSP
Software Engineer
  • Deutsche Online Medien GmbH
    Software Engineer, 2008 - present
  • GDG Stuttgart
    Orga Team, 2010 - 2014
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Misha M.-Kupriyanov

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we would like to compete the best projects on your work and especially we love the best projects to be put on display at | google'' thanks for your pieces of work'' google will love all of our projects...
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Derek Ross originally shared:
Android Wear OTA inbound, brings WiFi, emjoi drawing and more!

And now the waiting game begins. Google has announced Android 5.1.1 for Android Wear, which brings always-on screen apps, WiFi support, gestures for scrolling through your notifications with the twist of your wrist, easier access to apps and contacts (thank you!), and the ability to draw emojis and send them to people.

The OTA is slated to roll out over the next few weeks in typical Google fashion. Ugh.
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Misha M.-Kupriyanov

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/me having some bot invasion today
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How do these bots reproduce if they only come in female form? Do they use the common male users for procreation?
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Misha M.-Kupriyanov

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If you connect a Chromebook Pixel with USB-C to a MacBook with USB-C, the universe does not explode. Instead, the MacBook draws power from the Chromebook. I was curious which would win. Be interesting if eventually, you can get software control over the power flow. Not that this would be a common case! Actually, the beauty with both of these is that you can take any ordinary external battery like used for tablets and smartphones. If you have a USB to USB-C cable, those batteries will charge these. Such an advance over all those customized batteries and connectors we've had to endure.
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Misha M.-Kupriyanov

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Just as a swarm of insects can be overwhelming, the Navy's new drone technology seeks to draw upon similar characteristics — and looks like something straight out of the movie "Transformers" in the process. The Navy's Office of Naval Research announced its demonstration of the appropriately named LOCUST (Low-Cost UAV...
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Have him in circles
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Athlete's foot medicine may be effective in combating multiple sclerosis?
NIH-funded study identifies over-the-counter compounds that may replace damaged cells
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+Misha M.-Kupriyanov so...I'll go bald
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Misha M.-Kupriyanov

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Good to know
The money in your bank account is typically covered by federal insurance, but your internet payment services typically aren't. If PayPal or Venmo went be
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Being an avid Cloud Platform¹ user, I wrote a tiny Chrome App that uses the powerful File System Provider² API so that we can mount and browse Cloud Storage Buckets directly in the Chrome OS File Manager.

As a matter of fact, it was easy and fast to implement this file system thanks to the handy Cloud Storage API. Have a look at the public GitHub repository³, logic is only <200 JavaScript lines of code ;)

¹ ² ³

Cloud Storage Chrome OS App is available now at
Access Cloud Storage Buckets in the Files App
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Misha M.-Kupriyanov

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Got one! It's great!
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Rewriting a large production system in Go

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+Aleksey Novik

Starting an AngularJs project also means choosing a whole toolchain that goes along with Angular. In...

Draw. Start from scratch and draw using the various tools, layers blending and filters available, for free. Edit. Transform photos applying

websynths : browser-based microtonal midi instrument with a responsive a... is a FREE, browser-based musical instrument, optimized for microtonal experimentation on multi-touch devices.

Button Styles Inspiration

Some ideas for modern button styles and effects

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12 Very Merry Hacks for Your Office Holiday Party

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Build Virtual Machines Easily with PuPHPet - Part 2

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Picking my brain » Docker

/var/run/docker.sock: permission denied. Shell. $ docker ps FATA[0000] Get http:///var/run/docker.sock/v1.17/containers/json: dial unix /var

Central Place Theory and Voronoi Diagram.

I think it is time to post some core theories- Central place theory (CPT) and Voronoi diagram. So be ready to give your brain quite an exerc

"Разоблачение фальсификатора и изготовленной им фальшивки неизбежно" // ...

У 70-летия Победы в Великой Отечественной войне своеобразный информационный фон, связанный с дискуссией о фальсификации истории. Директор Го

New Urban Geodes on the Streets of L.A. by Paige Smith

Surrounding an exhibition at Maker City LA, artist Paige Smith A.K.A. a common name (previously), began to install new crystalized rock form

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