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Sweet, with that my last reason to go to is gone :)

Using Inbox for mail and to organize/find my contacts (if needed).
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Misha M.-Kupriyanov

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Usability Testing of Fruits - awesome!
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Looks like this audi advertisement is inspired by some zombi movie like World War Z ;)
- running guys are mechanics who want to help to repair the car
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Not sure they want to repair the car.   In pornofilms they never do it ;) 
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If you have a 3D Printer (or know someone with one) AND you are a fan of Google Apps - like Google Classroom, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive, Forms... I created a bunch of of 3D models of those logos to print!  
Give 'em to your students, your classmates, your PLN... or even your IT person who enabled Google Apps :)
They're all here:
Google Apps Product Logos - 3D Models (by JR) These are 40mm at the long side (45mm for Drive) which are big key chains - but size them down to 30mm for smaller key chains or even 20mm for earrings or other trinkets. Google ...
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Google Docs
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I'm extremely excited today to see Google release gRPC, a new high-performance, low-latency, cross-platform RPC framework, alongside with the latest version of Protocol Buffers, as fully open-source software.

Read the blog post below for an overview, then visit and check out the source itself on to get started. 

HUGE congrats to +Mugur Marculescu and the amazing engineering team behind the release! I realize they're just getting started, but this is already a major milestone for the effort. Nice!
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How to build a font which replaces all buzz-words with "bullshit".
via +Nils Hitze 
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Neurorobotics engineers from the Human Brain Project have recently taken the first steps towards building a "virtual mouse" by placing a simplified computer model of the mouse brain into a virtual mouse body. This new kind of tool will be made available to scientists worldwide.
Neurorobotics engineers from the Human Brain Project have recently taken the first steps towards building a "virtual mouse" by placing a simplified computer model of the mouse brain into a virtual mouse body. This new kind of tool will be made available to scientists worldwide.
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Misha M.-Kupriyanov

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#DevTools Update: Animation Inspector

The experimental Animation Inspector gives you a visual overview of animated properties. You can resize them to control the duration, but also drag them around to control the delay. In addition to that, there's also a playback control (and a speed setting) so you can easily replay the animation.
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Features it needs imo:
1. sync between OS in the same computer like Dropbox does.
2.  select existing folder if re-installed, without having to download all the content again. 
3. edit pdf without the need to download to device.

These are all existing feature in Dropbox, so if +Google wants us to switch, that's the minimum it needs to offer. Plus some further integration between Google Music, Google Books, Google Movie,  Youtube, Google Plus and GDrive would be nice.

#googledrive   #gdrive   #google   #linux  
There are almost three years since Google Drive launched and we have yet to see an official client ...
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Keep in mind these screenshots are in the package since Oct 2014. No reason to woot yet.
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