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Dynin Clock: updated design, new seconds indicator, optimized for Chromecast (working on making it a public app.)

Woland needed a place to stay in Moscow, so he went on Airbnb and rented apartment № 50 on the fifth floor of 302 Bolshaya Sadovaya.

Apple fans: this year's not-be-missed event is on Wednesday the 9th! We'll be gathering apples from the tree in my front yard. Stop by and join me and +Zoe Zaorski.

Populated the GitHub profile at with a couple of my old C hacks.

Another phonetic typo: wrote 'up' instead of 'app'.

Dangerous time for long-distance relationships: in one timezone, it's Valentine's day.  In another, it's still Friday the 13th.

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The entire "App Store" model, then works to divide the world into developers and software users, whereas the Xerox PARC philosophy was for there to be a continuum between these two states.

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+Drakonchik Mariika thanks for modeling!

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