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Mischa Krilov
Gamer, geek, foodie, father. I play the didgeridoo and don't design enough games.
Gamer, geek, foodie, father. I play the didgeridoo and don't design enough games.

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I found this list whilst looking for different kinds of post-apocalyptic genres. I figure it might prove interesting here.

Turn 797

Again, Choice Tokens! I wants them. In my excitement, I nearly goofed up the randomizer with a poorly-aimed paste. It's fixed now.

And since (3,-7) is bereft of danger, I am rectifying this. Taking a cue from the nearby Dizzying Aerie, behold! The Wandering Woods. You'd think it was Halloween with this spooky prose.

Calling +Rodger Thorm , it is time to take your first move!

Turn 792

The RNG must really want a new player. My last turn I got two of them, Nick just got one, and now I get one again. I have an idea for this, so I will seek out a new player.

I'm also due to name an unnamed feature, so Underwater Jungle of Tropswe-la has come into being at around (-5,4). I've added a few lines to the MLD file. (+Nick Peterson , what do I need to do about a bookmark link, if anything?)

+LaShanda S. Simmons , SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT

At some point, the Shards of the Lost Lady appears to have been an Exploded Mage's Tower, if I can trust the random encounters file. +Christopher Weeks , does that ring a bell?

I wish the island around (6, -4) had more landscape details!

I wish we had more forests!

I wish the fairy queen of Leng had an entry in the Who's Who!

Thinking about +Nick Peterson 's to-do list, and the new action of the bounties, and the general nature of organizing, would it be useful to have a new category of posts for ideas that people want to see implemented in the map?

So when you get an idea, you can post it to the slush pile and come back to it later or others can flip through it for non-canonical inspiration. Also would be useful for when people drop out, future players can see what plans were in stock.


Turn 789

I am spending a Choice Token to reroll. I got two "find a new player" actions.

...and now I'm getting a two Choice Token rebate!

I don't want to move the iceberg at (4,8) to (6,8).

Instead I'm going to add some details to the Worldbook. It bothers me that the Free State of Leng is at (0,0) and we know virtually nothing about it. (I have also cheated and found a copy of the head and added it to the Map Locations file.) (I also cheated and scooted the seat of Lengish power over a tile to reflect what I think was Alex's intentions back from turn 560.)

I wish for a bounty to name the fairy queen who is there in Leng.

+Christopher Weeks SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT
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