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It arrived and looks great!

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I made some custom Fast / Slow turn trackers. These are pretty rough, hand cut with scissors and using card sleeves I still had lying around. Maybe I should use a laminator and paper cutter for the next set. Still, these should do for my next session.

Question about using ranged weapons in melee:
RAW, there don't seem to be any penalties to using ranged weapons when engaged in a melee. How do you all handle this?

Intuitively, it seems like using small ranged weapons (such as pistols) might be usable in melee (at least until they need to be reloaded), as the character can still evade melee attacks. But doing so while wielding a longbow or crossbow seems tricky at best, and parrying likely wouldn't work well either (and certainly now while trying to shoot).

I'm leaning towards allowing this but imposing banes on shooting and granting boons for melee attackers. Thoughts?

Question about fast and slow turns:

Do players and GM need to decide and announce at the beginning of each turn who is going to take a fast vs. slow turn? Or do you resolve this one at a time, i.e. one by one, any players interested in taking a fast turn do so, then any GM creatures, etc.?

This seems like it would make a difference: For example, after players have taken their fast turns, some monsters might now be able to take fast turns as well because they are now in melee range, whereas if they would have had to announce their turns at the beginning, it would have been a slow turn, in order to both move and attack.

Is there an official rule and/or how do you all handle this?

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Now I own both. Couldn't resist the opportunity to pick up the special edition and rectify not getting in on the original kickstarter. Both beautiful books!

Do you all use the actual Shadow as an overarching element of your campaign or not? Any opinions?

I'm going to start my first campaign soon and am still on the fence about this. It will be a mix of homebrew content and pre-written adventures, most likely set in the Northern Reach.

On the one hand, the Shadow could provide the scaffold for the campaign, with adventures organically flowing from its progress. In particular as presented in The Hunger in the Void, some of the Shadows seem well suited for this.

On the other hand, I'm concerned that it might be too dominant and constraining. Some of the Shadows seem to escalate pretty quickly and severely restrict the characters, which could become a drag. With some of the Shadows (although I realize this is intentional), it also seems like it would be difficult to not end up with a totally destroyed world, regardless of the characters' actions.

What has worked well for you?

Anyone playing Uncharted Worlds online and looking for another player?

I read the book and am planning to run a campaign for my regular gaming group, but since I haven't actually played any PbtA games (let alone UW) yet, I'd like to give that a shot first.

Either a one-shot or mini-campaign would be great, just needs to be PST time zone friendly (ideally late evenings due to work/family commitments). Any software is fine (Roll20, Hangouts, Skype, etc.).

Any tips on finding an online PbtA game? Where are the best places to look ? (this community, other G+ communities, Roll20, Reddit LFG, etc.)?

I'm especially interested in Uncharted Worlds, Monster of the Week, Urban Shadows, Action Movie World, or Dungeon World - but potentially other variations as well.

One Shots or mini-campaigns would be ideal. Any software is fine (Roll20, Hangouts, Skype, etc.), but preferably voice + video.

Any pointers would be appreciated.

Collaborative game creation vs. ready-made settings?

My (D&D) gaming group has agreed to let me run a Fate one-shot soon. I'm hoping that after getting a taste, they'll be interested in a longer-running campaign at some point. I'm torn on whether to collaboratively create a setting from scratch or to go with a ready-made setting.

On the one hand, I really like (and own) a lot of the material out there. Evil Hat's Worlds of Adventure are fantastic, and I'm also intrigued by some of the larger settings out there, such as Atomic Robo, Baroque Space Opera, Bulldogs, Mindjammer, etc. In addition to the settings themselves, a lot of these supplements provide convenient and well-adapted rules such as magic systems and skill lists. On the other hand, the idea of collaborative setting creation appeals to me, and I think my group could get into this as well.

Right now I'm leaning towards creating the setting together (at least the overall issues and such), and then liberally borrowing appropriate subsystems, skill lists, etc. from the various supplements. That means that setting creation and character creation would have to happen during different sessions, but that seems fine.

How do others handle this?

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I just received my package from the recent The Dark Eye kickstarter, and figured I'd take this opportunity to start my series of blog posts about the RPGs I've played. This was the game that got me into RPGs back in the mid-80s.
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