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Mirco Ropic
Nimm' das Leben nicht so ernst - Du kommst da sowieso nicht lebend raus
Nimm' das Leben nicht so ernst - Du kommst da sowieso nicht lebend raus

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Klare Worte. Dem ist nichts mehr hinzuzufügen :-)
Über das Ergebnis von Herrn Sonneborns Antrag bin ich schonmal gespannt...

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So muss Satire sein :-)

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Eigentlich bin ich nicht so der Mashup-Fan...aber DER ist echt gut :-)

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1980 dachte man, anno 2000 würde man nur noch per Videotelefonie telefonieren...vielleicht wird's nun 2016 doch mal so weit sein.

Hello, and thank you for that amazing keyboard!

There are some feature requests that appeared while using your keyboard for some days:

(1) Physical Keys/Volume:
My Custom ROM provides the possibility to use the Volume-Buttons for navigating the cursor as well. But Multiling O Keyboard seems to overwrite the ROM setting. No problem - but I was used that volume-up sets the cursor one character forward and volume up on character backwards. Multiling O Keyboard does the other direction. Would it be possible to provide an additional setting for that? (1. Move Cursor with Volume [on/off], 2. Volume-up direction [forward/reward])

(2) In Germany we sometimes have very long words compound by two or more "normal" words. So "shipping" consists of the two words "ship" and "driving": "Schiff" + "fahrt" => "Schifffahrt". Or "air tank" is "Sauerstoffflasche". 
Having "auto space" activated is generally a good thing but for this word it would be nice to have a possibility to de-activate "auto space" for the next word. Or remove the space before the last swiped word.
So I could swipe "Sauerstoff" then do any gesture and swipe "flasche" to have "Sauerstoffflasche" instead of "Sauerstoff Flasche". Or swipe this two words, then do any gesture and the two words will be moved together.

(3) One aspect in settings seems a little confusing for me. Some entries in menu are real settings (e.g. Layouts > 2ABC) and other entries will open a website when touching it (e.g. Layouts > DIY). Could you mark those who will open the website (e.g. Layouts > "Help: DIY" or a Browser-Icon).
I'm touching those website-liks very often because I think there's something to adjust.

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Peter Dinklage's birthday is June 11th. But today is not that day.

Today is the day we present Gorilla of Thrones.

#GloveandBoots   #GameofThrones  

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Da hat sich aber einer Mühe gegeben!
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