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Looking back through my fan comments....

"Good point, Miranda, you really aren't that great of a writer. Perhaps use this controversy to become more self-aware of the quality and content of your work? In contrast to some of your other work for the Straight, your recent post was exceptionally juvenile and uninteresting. I was put in mind of last-minute editorials whipped up for a student newspaper rather than anything I'd see associated with The Straight. It's less your argument and more than you saw fit to point out such a thing in such an asinine manner rather than actually saying anything at the time - or, if saying anything to the gentleman didn't work or you were uncomfortable doing so, perhaps a post on why assertiveness is seen as rude and people's hesitancy to speak up about inappropriate behaviour (deeply violating the little personal space one has on public transit) in public? This would have been an alternative to letting it fester and writing a lacklustre blog post that only draws public attention to your lack of imagination and writing skills."

Thanks Janine. Your advice is super important to me. 
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I felt compelled to write this after I tweeted my disgust and in turn had men call me names. After I posted this, they proceeded to discuss ejaculating on me, then raping me.

But remember, women are equal now and sexism doesn't exist.

#NationalCleavageDay   #sexism   #YesAllWomen   #ThisIsReallyFuckingGross  
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Could it possibly be possible thst you could be more awesome?
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In his most recent video, Internet comedian JP Sears offers up a step-by-step guide on how to truly become gluten intolerant—skewering food fads, diet-based jargon, and New Age feelgoodery in one fell swoop.


#gluten   #glutenfree   #foodfads   #funny   #humour  
"When no one's around, you become less gluten intolerant!"
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This B.C. beagle has taken home Best in Show at this year's Westminster Dog Show. Look at her sweet widdle face!

#bestinshow   #westminster  
It's a heart-warming tale of a true underdog.
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Sometimes I have entirely too much fun at work

#Lunarfest   #LunarNewYear   #YearOfTheSheep  
This sheep's surprising speedy considering how short his legs are.
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Was this year's Super Bowl rigged? One Twitter account says YES.

It wasn't. We all know that. But enjoy the post anyway!

#superbowl   #superbowlxlix  
Unfortunately for the Super Bowl Truthers out there, it's much easier to spoof a tweet than it is to rig one of the biggest sporting events in the world.
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Have her in circles
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The X-Files is coming home to #Vancouver! This is very exciting news for people who aren't terrified of aliens like I am.

#TheXFiles   #IWantToBelieve   #Scully   #Mulder  
Both the Smoking Man and the man who started it all have confirmed production in Vancouver.
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It's so hot. Milk...was a bad choice

#climatechange   #temperature   #environment   #wereallgonnadie  
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It's 2015 and yet women still aren't treated as if we are human beings. Here's 100 ways we're still fighting for equality and why we need #InternationalWomensDay  

#feminism   #fem2   #womenagainstfeminism   #mensrights   #STEM   #sexism   #rapeculture   #dalhousie   #jianghomeshi   #billcosby  
International Women's Day is on March 8, which apparently means it's the start of "What about the men?" season.
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Thank you for this brilliant and much needed reminder!! 
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Where I come from, this is considered a gift with purchase

#marijuana   #retail   #angrybirds  
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I have never needed so many synonyms for "disgusting": Fox News panelists blame naughty women for their own rapes

#foxnews   #staceydash   #feminism  
I have never needed so many synonyms for "disgusting".
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Even in the afterlife, women can't get any respect.

#ColleenMcCullough   #feminism   #sexism   #whathell  
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Have her in circles
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Online word janitor and irate writer.
Enraging people over trivial matters. Getting outraged over trivial matters. Sassmouthing. Reading 600 words a minute. Typing only 60. Not taking public profiles terribly seriously.
  • The Georgia Straight
    Assistant editor,, present
Basic Information
Queen of the Irish goodbye. Misanthropic panda enthusiast. Sometimes I make up cat facts.
This is not the Miranda you're looking for. Unless you're looking for a misanthropic panda enthusiast who likes slandering kittens and leaving parties when your back is turned.

Things that have been said about me and my writing: 

"This might be the dumbest thing I've"

"Miranda, it's sad that people like you are given a voice in any type of publication, let alone a magazine so vested with the cultural interests of an entire city."

"The Georgia Straight at the best of times is a provincial rag, not exactly “The Economist”….. :)…. and taken no more seriously than the silly statistics pulled out of her undoubtedly pink purse by Miss Nelson who took Statistics in her Home Economics class at grade school. Pseudo feminist claptrap at its worst lol!"

"I’m glad this is filed as a ‘blog’, because this would be some of the worst ‘journalism’ I’ve ever seen otherwise."

"Her epitaph will read, "Shoulda stayed in school"... or at least taken a 100-level economics course."

"What an incredibly whiney, self serving, joke of an article."

"miranda fuck off"

"This article is a joke. Miranda, you are the a-typical passive aggressive Vancouverite, who would rather PRINT A NEWS ARTICLE about something that irritates you, instead of politely engaging a person and expressing your point of view. SMDH"

"wow, good thing we have Miranda to tackle such a pressing social issue. here i was worried about global warming. Thanks for pointing out what is really important. Also, to any students having trouble falling asleep, i suggest you read Ms Nelson's writing. Definitely put me to sleep"

"Sounds like the writer hates with it and quit being a baby. There are plenty worse things going on out there, and here you are being a baby. Seriously, you're being a baby. Baby."

"You should be ashamed of yourself, whoever you are. You're probably some 50 year old single woman who's bitter toward young people."

"This women is such a spoiled little brat"

"You are a nasty old fartbag."

"Miranda needs to control her obsessive PMSing and maybe seek therapy"

"Miranda Nelson is a fucking bitch"

"You deserve to be homeless. You hold a have a bachelors of bitch degree. Everyone who wasted their time reading this hopes you will rot and die. You will be homeless again. You will lose everything. Because society rejects people like you. Its my birthday today. I am having a blast."

"Miranda Nelson, pull that stick out of your ass. That The (Georgia) Straight would put their name on this drivel of a post shows how far (down) the outlet has become. A once proud source of alternative culture is now just regular, boring mass-media."

"Who let the right winger write this blog in this paper? Also whom is this person sleeping with to sneak their way in here."

"Clearly the OP had a major in psychology and her parents paid for her during university study."

"You are selfish and unsympathetic."

"you amuse me on how ignorant you really are."

"God pixels are cheap if this kind of whining rant is deemed column-worthy. Grow up and brush off your first world problem, Miranda."

"She should probably be fired for this so she can work at starbucks"

"Get mental health help."

"Miranda is cranky because working as a crack blogger for the GS doesn't actually pay enough for her to drive a BMW."

"Miranda, you are so damn out of touch with reality it's hilarious."

"You heartless b*tch!"

"someone forgot to take their medication"

"'fuck off with your first world problems idiot.'"

"one sentence in i realized you are rediculously full of shit. have a fun life ignorant women."

"I have a feeling that you are either A: overly entitled, B: on dissability or welfare and dont understand the daily grind. or C: just a women who was in a bad mood"

"She displays virtually no journalistic integrity whatsoever and responds to being called out with snark - a tool a 5 year old might use as effectively, "

"Must be a lesbian, man-hating feminist. Quite a ray of sunhine, aren't you?"

"shut up already, we get it YOU'RE A FEMINIST. Sorry someone called you beautiful and LOOKED AT YOU, your life must be real difficult. If only you had some soapbox to complain while standing upon...oh wait you do. If you want to die old and alone, this is how you die old and alone."

"You are so lame. Your fellow feminists should be ashamed."

"the sooner Miranda Nelson is gone, the better"

"you're a lonely old slag"

"I'm quite surprised that someone like Miranda Nelson would post this and ask such a dumb question, considering most of her columns demand that we respect women regardless of who they are. I see a complete lack of respect in this column and hopefully Miranda Nelson will mature to a point where she can let people have their moments without feeling the need to judge and humiliate them. Miranda Nelson is a classic jerk!"

"shut up cunty."

Things that have all been said by one obsessed guy who constantly comments on anything I write:

"you are an idiot and every time you comment, I cringe!"

"Can you stop posting? Everytime i read your crap posts, i lose eff'n brain cells!!!"

"Praying GS cuts back jobs there so we don't have to read her crap anymore. Omfg I can't believe she works there, must not be hard to get into the GS then..."

"If i had one wish it would be for you to stop posting and your position cutback due to the economy..." 

"God everytime i read Miranda Nelson posts...
I lose brain cells. When is the GS doing cutbacks so they can lay off people like her?."

"Oh wow, a Miranda Nelson post??. More brain cells to be lost!! was this just to boost your already inflated ego or something? Sigh @ the GS... More people would read your site if you didn't hire such shitty workers."

"Sigh @ you and your posts as we all lose brain cells when we read them...obviously you're too stupid to realize that...And you suck MN. End of story."

"She still works at the GS? I feel sorry for her co-workers..."

Things that have been said specifically about my breasts:

"Miranda Nelson, please stop being angry because you do not have hot enough tits to display in public."

Things that have been said specifically about my vagina:

"...could you please try to fuck some empathy or compassion into yourself? You know, rather than just flogging that dead, lifeless hole."

Possibly the worst thing anyone's ever said to me: 

"I am going to rape you and your mother infront of you. I will kill your family, I am going to bomb your house"

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