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Miranda Leitsinger
Hello, I'm a reporter at NBC News covering the LGBT community, income inequality protests and other social issues. Be in touch, join the conversation!
Hello, I'm a reporter at NBC News covering the LGBT community, income inequality protests and other social issues. Be in touch, join the conversation!

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I have been nominated for an award - 'Outstanding Digital Journalism – Multimedia' - by GLAAD for my story on homeless LGBT youth from last summer. I'm honored to be nominated and very glad this issue has been getting the awareness it should. I'd like to thank my interview subjects - exceptional young people - for sharing their stories. #glaadawards

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My latest. Let me know what you think.

"It's hard to know that my husband is fighting for his country and he's working long days and long hours and we still have to struggle to keep food on the table and gas in our cars," said Shirley Starkey, 45, whose husband, a Marine of 11 years and a sergeant, has been deployed twice to Afghanistan and once to Iraq.

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My latest story, let me know what you think. 

In many cases, LGBT youth choose or are forced to leave home because their families don’t accept them. Once homeless, they are exposed to the perils of street life: violence, survival sex, and, in some cases, HIV.

“It’s hard for me to imagine a worse and more harmful expression of homophobia in our time than the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of kids who are being rejected by their families and put out onto the streets,” said Carl Siciliano, executive director of the Ali Forney Center, a shelter for LGBT youth in New York. 

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"Given the strong feelings - the passion - involved on both sides of this matter, I believe strongly that to re-open the membership issue or try to take last year's decision to the next step would irreparably fracture and perhaps even provoke a formal, permanent split in this movement - with the high likelihood neither side would subsequently survive on its own.

"... And who would pay the price for destroying the Boy Scouts of America? Millions of Scouts today and Scouts yet unborn. ... Thus, during my time as president, I will oppose any effort to re-open the issue."

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'Slap in the Face': New Age Limit Could Hurt Gay Boy Scouts

The move means those young men from 18 to 20 years old currently participating as youth members in Scouting will have to meet adult membership standards -- which bar openly gay adults - likely by next spring.

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Thoughts and prayers with those who lost loved ones. Just devastating. I hope twister season is over pronto!

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My latest on the Boy Scouts and gay participants.

With one Facebook post, the Eagle Scout was out as gay - and out of a summer job.

“I viewed my sexuality as something I was going to keep private. It was my private life. I wasn’t going to share it with the BSA,” said Garrett Bryant, 19, noting he did that because he loved Scouting and didn’t want to leave the program. “They made an issue of my sexuality. I was perfectly content with staying in the closet with the Scouts.”

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My latest on the Boy Scouts and gay membership ... 

Church Hosting Boy Scout Troop Led by Gay Man Kicked Out of BSA

The Boy Scouts of America said Sunday that it was contacting leaders and parents of the children in Troop 98 and its affiliated Cub Scout pack to tell them that Rainier Beach United Methodist Church is no longer authorized to be a charter partner.

Boy Scout troops must have a charter partner, which often offers a place to meet and financial support. The scouting organization bans gay adults from membership, and an openly gay man, Geoff McGrath, runs the troop at Rainier Beach.

“Because the church no longer agrees to the terms of the BSA chartered organization agreement, which includes following BSA policies, it is no longer authorized to offer the Scouting program,” Deron Smith, a Boy Scouts spokesman, told NBC News in an email. He added that the organization was “saddened by this development.”

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My latest - how do you think this GED hurdle can be overcome?

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