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Miranda Horner
If you're not having fun, you're not doing it right.
If you're not having fun, you're not doing it right.

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Go vote! You can now! So many awesome things available in this listing, too, so please do consider picking up some of the games you haven't yet tried out.

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Spreading the word! Take a peek. I am SO happy for the success of Monte and Shanna, plus the most excellent people they have assembled to work on their fun stuff. 

You all rock. Truly. Keep it up -- each and every one of you.

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Really want to be able to conjure trampolines now.




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Hey! It's that time of year: Time to vote for the Stuffer Shack RPG Site of the Year. Here's a page for you to visit...

(And, yes, I'd obviously love for you to vote for Kobold Press and all the writers who have contributed to the site this year, but that's entirely up to you! ;-) )

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Contest? Writing? RPG? Magic? If these interest you, peek at the most recent contest from Kobold Press: Lost Magic. Submissions are still being accepted!

Have FUN with this!

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When your couch has a cat tunnel built in, it's pretty much assured that you'll never get your reading done. It's pettins time ALL of the time.

How to:

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Christina Stiles, who is an Industry Insider at Gen Con, needs a bit of a boost to tackle this particular trip. Please read this, note the really neat auction that has been set up, and perhaps kick in some money for her or bid on the moon hammer (ball mace) that Todd Gdula created!
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