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8 Ball Pool Multiplayer, is now available on Google+ Games!

Challenge your Google+ friends to play the hottest pool game on the web! Pair up for real-time matches with other players and you'll soon become a pool master!
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This game is always with the error 701 and 702!
When you have the cue ball in your hand, how do you move it to where you need it?
keeping the left mouse button and dragging to where you want.
The Game is really very good. And what's about long nicknames? Will you fix it? I want to play with my friends!)))
How do I change my name/pic? They're random right now.
how do you play in a 8ball pool tournament?
Unfortunately tournaments isn't live yet on the Google version and only available in the original online version
oh ok thank you..... but it will become available sometime?
Why do I have a random name & pic, while my friends have their own pic and a name related to their account? Can these be changed?
Awesome game! +Miniclip, are there any plans to include tournaments to G+ in the future? That would make the game even better. :D
Google+ Tournament Please! .. ◕‿◕
its sooooooooooooooooooooo gooooooood
Tournament and fullscreen mode please!
why this game and other games doesn't work?..
Can't login to play with a friend, so what's up with that.
What's with the new Miniclip login required on the G+ version?? That's one of the main reasons we play here... so we don't have to log in! I'll try again in a couple days, but if it isn't fixed by then; I'm sorry, but it's a competitive market...
I have this problem too ( +Luke Mortensen ) but only with the chrome browser. in firefox it work normal.
Hi guys! Thanks for your comments - this isn't supposed to be happening so we're looking into it now. We'll get back to you ASAP with an update!
I have firefox at home and work. When I went home, it was working fine. At work, it's still not working. Version 9.0.1. Also, the game image appears to be repeating within the allotted frame, with a vertical scroll bar. (Possibly caused by new code I noticed to post wins to our G+ pages?)
Looks like everything's working fine now :)
Love the game, but I want some of the futures that's available over at your site to! Do you have any plans on adding them here to?
varför kan jag inte vara min riktiga jag på biljarden
Please make tournament available on G+. Why is it that difficult to insert the original game code O.O
indeed, and being able to buy new stuff like on the site would be fun to! :D

Or atleast make it possible to log in to your site with the same credentials as we have here, linked accounts!
how i play tournament in ball pool?
Exelente juego!!!!!!!! Muy adictivo por cierto.....
it's my first time here, so let's try
how do you enter a tournament?????????????????????????????????
I wish I could play this fullscreen and not in a small window
Extra ce jeu. Quelqu'un peut il me dire comment on fait des tournois, changement de queue de billard...Merci
how do you play a tournament. I don't get it.shouldn't there be instructions.
frustated and probably leaving
great game, just ask, there vercion in Spanish?
Miniclip - I think the masses have spoken.  We want tournament mode :)
Actually, Tournament road DOES work for G+ users - you have to go to, use your google account to recover your password, and sign in - tournaments ONLY work on, but it DOES link your G+ account.  I've played in a several tournaments now, and even gotten a new pool cue.
+Balaje Rangachari Not yet.  I'm sure they plan on it, but for now, you can still play on their website.  If you figure a way to, add me as a friend - I play daily lol.
+Brittany Hurley yeah.... that's kind of the point - they are linked.  However, you can go to, mouse over your user name in the top right corner (probably for you brittanyh##), and click edit avatar
Go to, do the "forgot password" thing, and put in your G+ gmail account.
Once you set up your password (your miniclip username will be something like Miguele##), you can go to multiplayer > 8 ball pool > play a tournament and win! :)
@Justin Mangum
Finally, I can play in tournaments!
please guys ... anybody knows how to participate in a tournament or make one?
+Ahmad Zeyada Go to and find "8 Ball Pool Multiplayer". When it asks you to log in, go to "Reset password", enter your email, and check your email. Then all you need to do is use your email and the pass Miniclip gave you to log in and play!
We want the tournaments on Google Plus !!
doesn't work? yesterday all fine, but today i can only play as guest, where are my statistics and my account? (i'm logged in via g+, of course)
kiwi r
i have the same problem, it puts me as a guest
Same here. C'mon let us play! Or maybe they're afraid to let the best players play?!!
I have changed my PC and gone to windows 7 now the game is showing in a small window anyone knows why?  i love this game but now it is too small to play!!
How to change your 8 ball pic using facebook ??
you guys keep changing the game. now it's with tokens which IMO is quite stupid. Plus my screen name was changed.
please help the play again button dosent work, do you know why?
I want my facebook profile picture to become the display pic of 8ball but it doesn't change. Please help me
There is a problem loading the game since yesterday. Please fix it.
Nice, but it doesn't work since a few days. I always get this message: Could not get any profile data for you, please contact, well, I did but the bug still happens. Maybe it would help if you downgrade to the older version?
click on your page to play pool, then hold your control button down on the key pad, and roll your button up on your mouse or down and your screen size should change
can u pls tell me were my statistics have gone and why im playing as a guest?:)
My friend made a account I'm trying to add him as a friend in pool but cannot find him.. 
sorry,for the first time for get that the problem is he is not too sexy
Sobat semua ane udah lama maen 8ball di miniclip, tapi kx! tournament gx terbuka y? tolong sapa aja... gimana sih supaya tournament di 8ball bisa terbuka, 
My 8 ball pool's "PLAY" button is not working.. is is black & white which means not available
My name changed for my 8ball pool?!?. How do i change it back. I changed my google account name but that shouldnt affect it, right? @miniclip
how can you reset your stats on 8 ball pool since im using my google account ?
Awful customer service my coins have been taken for weeks now and miniclip support team have not bothered to respond to my report or even any help back at all
Yeah it is cool 8 ball pool but if u hack then your account will be blocked..... I hate that!!!

it doesnt work it says 'profile not found
miniclip can you see the game "supercar"? it doesn't save the money that i wone! never! please solve this problem
I enjoy this game it appears realistic as is PBA bowling challenge 3D by Concrete software
I cant login with my google account on my ios, is there any way?
I usually use google+ to login to 8 ball pool but recently it just keeps loading and i cant play
Why does my pic come up at the top if screen when I log in but there's no pic on my player screen box when I'm was there b4 always but gone now??!!..i am a blue male cartoon. 
Sono stato bannato dicendo che ho cercato più volte di entrare illegalmente nel gioco. Non è così. E in più ho speso tanti soldi in questo gioco. Voglio essere rimborsato o mi ridate il mio account.
I have been mysteriously banned twice right after I asked for help from them in regards to a purchase I made...then ...poof account was gone with all my progress.! I spent a lot of time and effort for 3 weeks to luck...then I opened it one day and my account was there BUT I had nothing in it....just my name and 1.000$ WTF to do?? Support doesn't do anything! I wish u good luck...i just don't get attached to the game cause I'm always afraid it will b taken away from them.
Howcan we reset the password of miniclip id
8 ball pool i want to connect with gmail account
It use to be a cool game but boring now
Used to be fun...I dont like it now because ive seen so many people have problems with all kinds of situations and miniclip very very rarely gets back to them or does the problem ever get resolved...when coins go missing "mysteriously" good luck in ever getting miniclip to help replacing them..
cannot sign already sign..when sign 8 pool with gmail, mesaage sign in me..
Can you give me some coins plzz I will be very thankful to you
ما عاد يدخل عندي ليش ؟

م اتوقع لانه توني ادري اني اقدر العب ف لاب على الجيميل .
I'm one of your client who used to play 8 ball pool but for last 3 4 days i was just frustrated from your support team. I have requested for some issue and request number is 697600 but there is no reply from your end till date. I was cheated 15 M from some hackers two days back and i were requested for the same to just return my coins to my account but till date there is no response from youe end. How irresponsible you guys are toward your users. You are maintaining such big brand name but i think you don't know you have to take care of you user's in first priority. You don't have spending any money to return my coins but i was collected this coins for last 2 years n played more than 3k game
I can't log into my Google account i had over i million coins
Go to options add friend or when ur playing ask to add as friend
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