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Sometimes we feel beaten. We wonder what else could go wrong, and why we're being so tested. It helps to remember that God has a higher perspective and special reasons for our trials.
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Minghui Kuok

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Lore of the Known World: Rangers
Foreword: Suddenly realized that Rangers in Neverwinter are quintessentially the same as their Baldur's Gate/Icewind Dale counterparts. For those who have played some old school D&D PC goodness, you all should know. Ironically, human opponents enjoy marking...
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Minghui Kuok

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Demi Gods and Semi Devils (aka my own half assed analysis)
Thank  goodness that the Neverwinter photo battle for the winter season will last 1 week. Originally, I was planning to do 1 or 2 of those. Sadly, I prefer doing this kinda stuff once I got enough sleep. Since I feel like doing something random, might as we...
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A good player, I'll give him that. Sadly, Chris Martin & Britt Assombalonga are alrdy scoring for fun. Last time I checked, we'll need to look out for Jennifer Lawrence's supposed ex this weekend lol!
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Minghui Kuok

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Cryptic Definition 1: Having a meaning that is mysterious or obscure. Example-Jon finds Dany's decision to fake her name in front of him a tad too cryptic. Definition 2: That studio infamous for red text and lag. Example-While the Cryptic studio has been cr...
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Who Let The Gods Out?
"We are all gods, boy. Gods calling ourselves mortals. Gods wielding the sword and fire. Gods who enjoy nothing more than rape, plunder, and murder. We are all gods. Gods who worship apathy. Gods who are verily the Demons we fear and hate." ~Saadin el' Ishm...
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Have him in circles
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No marriage manual covers every situation, but if a husband is interested in staying out of the dog house, a good guideline would be to simply avoid the following 10 comments entirely.
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Emma Watson also texted her tips on how to act like hermione xx 
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Minghui Kuok

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As a child whose parents divorced when I was in fifth grade, I was determined to marry once and forever. After some difficult dating experiences, I began to discover that I could not do this by myself.
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El Estratega: Doce
Boro being the victim of black injustice, S'pore also. Boro kenna internal uproar, S'pore also kenna rumours of internal uproar. If this isn't proof that any team bearing the red jersey and a lion's mark ain't truly a Red Shirt, I dunno what else qualifies ...
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Minghui Kuok

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“Are you there God?” It is a question that many people ask at some time in their life, when they are looking for answers, or want to know that they are not alone. Here are five ways to know God is real.
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A lamb in real life, a Wolf of Mass Destruction (WMD) on the internet.
Place of worship: Evangel BP Church. You all probably never heard of it.

Online occupation: Hell-raiser of all things politically incorrect

Real life occupation: Going up, down, left, right, and centre all over SGH.

Difference between the above two: Surely you won't expect seeing me raise even a wee bit of hell in reality, do you?

Identity in football: Sad Smoggie Bastard since 1996

Identity in history: Certified nut in the Three Kingdoms era of China only as of now. Sorry, Mr Randy Tan, I'm not really that clever lol!

People worthy of note: Pastor T aka the Principal, Eric "Mr Political Incorrectness" Soh, Xu "Mr Goodison Park" Wencheng, Chen "Mr Anfield" Guoxiang, Patrick "YouTube Man" Chin, Danny "Hey it's only *insert amount of time* man!" Loh, Ryan "Private Ryan" Ng, Chen "Blackburn fan" Kangbo, Chen "younger Anfield bro" Kangsheng...

Online trollolols (?) of note: Foin the Emo, Tobias the Volatile, Emelie the Swedish bomb, Druid Luhn the Belgian, Ced Anakin Skywalker, Victoria the honoured Mother of Luke, Met the Jerk, Lord Yuan-ie Chan...

Real life trollolols: All-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named
Bragging rights
A freak spike of traffic for That Random Blade and my FictionPress stuff in general; A Ranger's Tale being one of the most twisted fantasy tales you'll ever see in FP; self-humility amounting to self-deprecating humour; intellectually independent despite being condemned as a slacker in the eyes of the local system; humanist wannabe stuck in a semi-cynical limbo; certified member of the S(ingles) D(espondently) U(ndesirable) Club... And why is it that my face look a wee bit like a Stark? :P
  • ITE College West
  • Gan Eng Seng Secondary School
  • Henderson Primary School
Basic Information
November 1, 1982
Other names
Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu (FP), akaibushin (FF), bushinguy (old FF nick), azuren82 (The Fantasy Forum), boro-skander (oneBoro), 侠者之枪 (百度)
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Mr Kelvin Ong Wee Loong, the founder of AristoCare centre, was told by MOE to stop lying about his credentials. Apparently, the private tuto

: Hardest working agency this year: CPIB

This year, the CPIB has so many corruption cases that i hear they are opening a chain of coffee joints islandwide so that there are convenie

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