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Minecraft Platform For Kid
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Today, this challenge is called Minecraft Platform For kid. You are going to take on a tough challenge that is to lead a guy out of a maze. He has just lost in it and finding a way through it is uneasy. You need to find a right green gate in each level. This green gate can be at any places in the maze. For instance, in the first level you should move to the bottom and then go up to the right in order to see it. Especially, a mysterious monster is waiting for him in the final level. Could you do it? Good luck!
Arrow keys help this guy move.
He shoots by Spacebar.
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Minecraft Themed Shooting Gallery is a shooting game attracting a considerable number of Minercraft fans. The nickname of its owner is feartehstickman. The aim of this shooting game is destroying all dangers as fast as you can. They are orange TNT (level 1), green creepers (level 2), and gray skeletons (level 3). Level is completely different. You will choose a certain length of time among 5, 10, and 30 seconds, and then begin shooting at the TNT on the screen. Let beat yourself at this game!
Instructions: + You shoot by clicking at them.
+ Since the sound is big, please adjust the volume.
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Mine Caves is such a cool game with its content. In this exciting game, you are a ninja who needs to mine gold and other valuable stuff from a cave. Due to something unfortunate you are temporarily lost in this cave. Hence, while searching for treasures, you must seek the exit to get out of the cave. Remember to collect as much money as you can because yesterday some thieves stole all of your valuable things. Hey, ninjas! Are you ready to explore a cave and reach the surface safely? Besides Mine Cave, we would love to see you in other challenging games such as Cave Ins.
Instructions: Mine Cave is played with the mouse, WASD keys, or Arrow keys.
adventure mine ninja cave exit
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Similarly to two first Speed Miner 2 versions, the third Speed Miner 2 asks you to mine in a more challenging working environment. This time it is so far harder than others, so are you confident of having a high score in Speed Miner 3? You choose a basic mine to work, and if you are enough good, you are allowed to move to another mine. We are so eager to see the total number of blocks you can mine within an allotted time. Speed Miner always looks forward to seeing fast miners.
Instructions: + Hit arrow keys to destroy blocks
+ Hit Shift to activate TNT
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Your mission in Minecraft Creeper Diamond is to seek diamond in the darkest and weirdest place in Minecraft land. This mission really needs your patience and movement skill since whenever you fail to move on arrow blocks, you have to return the checkpoint. There are so many players who give up easily, how about you? Have you had enough skillful movement and patience to accomplish this dangerous and odd mission? Good luck!
Instructions: You use arrow keys to move and Spacebar to jump. When you succeed in getting the diamond, you move to the next level. Remember to avoid lava by jumping.
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Speed Miner 3
This is Speed Miner 3 and you are going to mine to collect valuable things. A guy whose job is mining continues to explore the world after the work at Axe Town has been completed.
This time in his adventure he reaches a New Ville which is a new village. The villagers here tell him that there are treasures under his foot. He is so excited, so he is going to mine.
What prevents him from collecting precious stuff is the arrow block. You need to touch corresponding arrow keys to make arrow blocks disappear. Because this is a speed game, there is no doubt that you need to be fast. However, the time in each stage is very short approximately 60s, so do focus! In this short length of time, how many blocks could you break? Say the number and test it.
Instructions: Hit arrow keys to make arrow blocks disappear.
Hit Shift to activate TNT.
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Welcome to Pixel Box! This is building game and what you do is to create unique or even peculiar buildings in the game zone from provided resources such as grass, wood, lava, stone, and diamond. These resources are so colorful, so they promise to shape your buildings in an impressive way. Don’t miss Pixel Box game since it gives you space to develop your imagination ability! By the way, please feel relaxed when you are in Pixel Box since there are no dangerous creatures such as zombies, creepers, and skeletons. Besides Pixel Box, our game store consists of a wide range of Minecraft styles.
If you love building and fighting at the same time, you should choose Mine Blocks. If you are fond of fighting against enemies, please consider Minecraft Tower Defense. Connect with us and Minecraft community to keep smiling together!
Instructions: - Pixel Box is controlled with the mouse.
- You use it to choose resources and locate them.
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Welcome to Minecraft 2D! Have you ever played Minecraft Platform before? Since the boy in Minecraft Platform lost the game, he lost his green hat as well.
Now, he comes back to his empty world alone without treasures or magic. He needs your assistance to build a beautiful place to rest and live. Help this guy fulfill his last wishes!
Unlike to other Minecraft regions, the size of Minecraft 2D is not large. However, this is a peaceful area without any threats. Creepers or zombies have not known about this place. Hence, you can feel secure while building.!
What does his house look like? What is it made of? Let see with about 6 resources, how many buildings could you create? !
Instructions: + You use the mouse to play this game.
+ You mine blocks by clicking at them.
+ You place blocks by clicking and pressing a key (Z, X, C, V, N, M)
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Minecraft Flash Online
This is the first time a young adventurer explores Minecraft. Unfortunately, instead of entering Mine Blocks or at least Minecraft 2D, he arrives Minecraft Flash land. This land is rather different from others.

The size is small and he might not have a lot of tasks to do. However, the fact is that he has come here already, so you may spend some time helping him explore this land.

He has been provided 10 hearts and he has no experiences. Show him what he enables to do in this piece of Minecraft land and protect this inexperienced boy from creepers. Those creepers will eat his hearts immediately if they see him.
Instructions: + You use WASD keys to help him move.
+ You use the mouse to destroy rocks.
+ Another part of this land appears when you click at the light.
+ If you click TNT, the world explodes. The game is over and you replay it.
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Steve is so lucky when he is rescued from Minecraft Zombie Survival thanks to skillful players. However, is he still lucky in Minecraft Avoider game?

The answer is unknown since it is hard to predict. If he meets a player who can move to avoid creepers and skeletons and attack them smartly, he may still survive. Hey, players! If you are good at skills game, you really ought not to ignore Steve in such tough situation.

What makes Minecraft Avoider game so challenging? It is the creepers which are mad. They are ready to blow up to die with Steve. Not only are creepers crazy, but the skeletons are tough. These skeletons know how to shoot arrows. Now Steve is on the verge of death and only you can save him from that deadly verge. Good luck, warriors!
Instructions: - He can move with arrow or WASD keys.
- He shoots arrows by the mouse.
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