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Best Minecraft Prison server 4+ years, 50+ ranks, 500+ Quests, Guarding, Non-OP server, CLASSIC, Unique, Join Now!

CityPrison is the ORIGINAL prison server, Being open for over 4 YEARS featuring over 250 UNIQUE Quests/mission CityPrison is not only one of the LARGEST and OLDEST Minecraft Prisons servers out there, but here at https://cityprison.net we have a large set of unique content. Featuring custom mines built professionally by our lovely build team, state of the art plugins developed by our in-house development team and a unique community mindset helping us shape our content.

Join us here at the CityPrison/SwordPvP Minecraft network. The 1 minecraft prisons/prison server out there :

IP: Server.cityprison.net
Website: Https://cityprison.net
TeamSpeak IP: TS.Cityprison.net

Featuring custom minecraft prisons plugins and more!ļ»æ
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