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Official MineCrack G+ Page.
Official MineCrack G+ Page.

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Hey everyone! You may have noticed that our server shows up as being offline... we're currently facing issues with our website host which means anything connected through our website isn't working right now. If you'd like to join our main server or our vanilla server, the IP is The port for the vanilla server is 25567

We'd like to apologize for the inconvenience.

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Yearning for some 1.8 action? Well come and get it! We're happy to announce our 1.8 vanilla Minecraft server. Come join the fun at

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Wondering when we'll be updating to Minecraft 1.8? Trombone14 thought you would, so check out the details here:

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Someone sure is popular!

Our server is back up and running for anyone to join at

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We've updated our post concerning the server being offline. Feel free to check it out and let us know if you have any questions or comments.

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Our server is temporarily offline but fear not, we'll be back up soon!
Check the forum for details or if you have any questions.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us here at MineCrack!

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Since we won't be updating to 1.7.2 for a while we've switched over to a FTB Unleashed setup. If you'd like to join, you'll need to grab the FTB launcher and be sure to download FTB Unleashed with it. Our IP as always is

Get the client here:

We're currently updating the server to 1.6.4! Everything should be back up within the hour.
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