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Cave-dwelling barklice males ejaculate internally and sperm is hoovered up by the female's penis? Alrighty, then. 
This picture of two mating insects comes with an unexpected twist. The one on top is a female, and she has a penis. The one on the bottom is a male, and he has the equivalent of a vagina. During se...
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Mindy Weisberger

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Official NOAA Climate Prediction Center estimates peg the odds of El Niño’s return at 50 percent, but many climate scientists think that is a lowball estimate. And there are several indications that if it materializes, this year’s El Niño could be massive, a lot like the 1997-98 event that was the strongest on record.
Attention weather superfans: El Niño might be coming back. And this time, we could be in for a big one.
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Mindy Weisberger

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What makes the ostrich a super-swallower? It's all about the tongue.
It's the ostrich's best party trick: no matter how recklessly it gobbles up its food, it probably won't choke. So what makes the world's biggest bird such a savvy swallower?
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Mindy Weisberger

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I could watch this all day.
Great animation demonstration of the "alternating tripod" gait that ants and other insects use. From
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Very cool. I would imagine this mechanism produces excellent stability.
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Technology that helps blind people “see” with sound triggers shape-recognition activity in the brain’s vision center.
When someone is blind from birth, what happens in their brain's visual cortex? Scientists have long thought that this portion of the brain was repurposed, processing the input from a sense other than sight. But technology designed to help blind people "see" using soundscapes tells a different story. Brain scans in blind individuals using this system reveal vision-related brain activity similar to that in sighted people.


Current Biology: Visual Cortex Extrastriate Body-Selective Area Activation in Congenitally Blind People “Seeing” by Using Sounds

Neuroreport: Functional recruitment of visual cortex for sound encoded object identification in the blind.


Sight Through Sound: The Hebrew University is teaching blind people to see through sound

Seeing with the Ears. Hands and Bionic Eyes: Amir Amedi at TEDxJerusalem

EyeMusic App: Hearing Colored Shapes

Seeing with Sound

Artificial Vision
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It was too cloudy in our neck of the woods to see much of anything in Tuesday's early morning sky—luckily,  NASA released a timelapse of the lunar eclipse.
This year, I was ready. I had gathered the necessary equipment, made sure I scheduled in time for an afternoon nap and did my research so I would be ready
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The +European Space Agency, ESA has released a list of 10 ways that 3D printing could transform space exploration.
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Mindy Weisberger

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In a Serbian pond where mating toads copulate in frenzied balls, a lone male passionately embraces a clump of mud.

Figure 1. Male common toad firmly grasping a muddy protuberance (Photo: S. Đorđević)
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Mindy Weisberger

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+Discovery Education and 3M partner in a contest challenging kids to make a short video exploring an innovative solution to an everyday problem.

Via +DN Lee. 
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Mindy Weisberger

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Sound waves are made visible using a 19th-c photography technique that captures high-speed changes in air density. 
A clever photography trick allows you to see the invisible: the rising heat from a lighter, the turbulence around airplane wings, the plume of a sneeze ... and even sound waves.
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Amazing...Thank you for sharing!
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