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I would like to hear qualified opinions about books that are USEFUL in college-level journalism courses -- and WHY. There are many books that are either outdated or just too simplistic to be of any use. Let's not dwell on those but rather try to identify some very good ones. I have been making a Wish List on Amazon -- you can see it here -- (please do NOT buy any for me; that's not what the list is for).
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For writing and reporting, Chip Scanlan's Reporting and Writing: Basics for the 21st Century is one of the best overall reporting and writing guides I've used (I believe a new edition is due). I've also made heavy use of Carol Rich's Writing and Reporting News: A Coaching Method. Both are realistic, practical and deep.
PS: At the moment, I'm part way into The Online Journalism Handbook by Paul Bradshaw and Liisa Rohumaa. It's aimed at a British audience, but there's a lot in there.
Al Tompkins Aim for the Heart -- newest edition (so inspirational about storytelling and to-the-point tips -- and why); I vote for Mark Briggs' Journalism Next, too (very basics, a good foundations book for those just entering journalism); and DuChemin's "Within the Frame: The Journey of Photographic Vision" -- viz journalism students loved it. Very colorful, breathtaking images with tales behind how the photog got each scene and portrait for non-technical folks. It was teaching with pictures. <-- Mort Rosenblum's Little Bunch of Madmen: Elements of Global Reporting is a terrific book with practical application and tips for aspiring journalists and international journalists especially. Rosenblum has a wonderful writing voice as he basically takes us through a good chunk of his journalism experiences throughout his 40-year career, covering more than 200 countries – some of which do not even exist anymore! He also draws from other journalists with practical and academic backgrounds, including Jacqueline Sharkey and Gary Knight.
I have been looking for journalism books to use in Indonesia (as well as at home in the U.S.). So many books have an extremely U.S.-centric or U.K.-centric view! So many examples would be alien to students outside those two nations.
So -- which are the books you would recommend to a brand-new colleague teaching journalism today?
I still say Rosenblum's Little Bunch of Madmen. It mixes helpful tips for young, aspiring journalists, with behind-the-scenes about some of the biggest stories that have been covered in the last 40 years.

+Mindy McAdams do you have any recommendations for good, how-to books for Adobe Illustrator and inDesign?

One of the books I'm assigning first-year student is The Elements of Journalism by Kovach and Rosensteil. I anticipate it being a jumping off point for some great discussion about journalism in all its forms.
Sorry, +John Z. deDios -- I do not use Illustrator OR InDesign. I really don't do any work in print at all. Have you tried the tutorials?
+Mark Hamilton I used The Elements of Journalism a couple of years ago in a graduate course. It was indeed good for prompting discussions.
Ah, thanks Mindy. I know of you as a multimedia guru, so I was hoping :-) Thanks again!
Way late to this discussion but I used White Space is not your Enemy this semester in a basic computer applications for journalist course, I highly recommend Ken Kobre's Videojournalism, love Wayne Freedman's It takes more than a Pretty Face, Bob Dotson's Make it Memorable and Medill on Media Engagement. And I agree or Adobe TV are great for self teaching InDesign & Illustrator.
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