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Mindless Behavior

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#TEAMMINDLESS: Go behind the scenes of the All Around The World movie with Prodigy in the latest Mindless Takeover episode on AwesomenessTV!

MB: All Around The World movie out in theaters this Friday, March 15th!
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Hey amari and Ashanti didn't come to your concert and really want to go and by 

Mindless Behavior

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Y'all! The moment is here! Our All Around The World album is out NOW! Get it at Target:
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+Aiyana Jeffrey  well dang! lol

Mindless Behavior

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Thank y'all so much for coming out to see us at CityWalk #5Towers!
Hope you enjoyed the show! #AATWPremiere
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To answer your ? Kayla I live in new York city

Mindless Behavior

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#TEAMMINDLESS MB's on the cover of Tocsin Magazine!
Have you seen it on newsstands? 
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love u ray rayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Mindless Behavior

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#TEAMMINDLESS: How did Ray Ray become a member of MB? Find out in the latest Mindless Takeover episode on +Awesomeness TV

MB: All Around The World movie in theaters March 15th!
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Well I really wish I could be friends with mindless behavior but thats not gonna happen cuts I'm a nobody to other people's eyes well that's just how my life is
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Mindless Behavior

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Our All Around The World album is out today, y'all! Who has it?! Tell us what you think!
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Mindless Behavior

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#TEAMMINDLESS: MB gave some NYC fans a special screening of All Around The World - what did they think? Watch here in the latest Awesomeness TV episode!

MB: All Around The World movie in theaters March 15th!
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Mindless Behavior

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#TEAMMINDLESS: MB started with Keisha & Walter - watch what they had to say about MB, and what MB had to say about them, in the latest Mindless Takeover ep on +Awesomeness TV
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My si nyisafrahcis
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Mindless Behavior

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#TEAMMINDLESS: MB on their journey from #1 Girl to All Around The World in their Rolling Out cover story - read it here! 
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They are on the hottie's list forever
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Mindless Behavior

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Have y'all seen our #AllAroundTheWorld video on VEVO? We love it & hope you do too!
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No boo boo they belong to me so back off them
Have them in circles
532,093 people
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The Official Google+ Page for Mindless Behavior!
Mindless Behavior stir up a frenzy wherever they go. Mingling R&B grooves, pop hooks, and hip hop swag, the teen quartet—Prodigy, Roc Royal, Ray Ray, and Princeton—has quickly become a modern musical phenomenon with an army of screaming fans following them everywhere. On their debut album for Streamline/Conjunction/Interscope Records, #1 Girl [available September 20, 2011], the group fuels that hysteria with numerous worldwide anthems. There's another dimension to this experience. Each member boasts an eye-catching, 21st century fashion sensibility as well as impressive and incendiary dance moves. In the tradition of The Jackson Five, New Edition, and B2K, they're the new vanguard for pop. They're Mindless Behavior…

In 2008, the group was born from a concept created by Conjunction Entertainment Inc. CEO Walter Millsap [Beyonce, Alicia Keys, J.Lo] and Streamline Records head Vincent Herbert [Lady Gaga]. An open audition was held by Conjunction's Millsap [Beyoncé, Timbaland], Keisha Gamble, songwriter Candice Nelson [Mary J. Blige, Britney Spears, Ciara], and choreographer David Scott in Los Angeles. Among over 600 kids, Prodigy, Princeton, Roc Royal, and Ray Ray shined the brightest, instantly charming the team and solidifying the lineup. For the next two years, they immersed themselves in music, developing their singular sound and style under the guidance of Herbert and Millsap. Soon afterwards, IGA chairman Jimmy Iovine signed Mindless Behavior to the label.

The chemistry between the boys proved kinetic from the moment they entered a rehearsal room together. Given his penchant for quickly learning new styles, Prodigy wields incredible dance and vocal skills. Ray Ray studied under legendary L.A. battle dancer Tommy the Clown, while Roc Royal started to rap at eight-years-old. Princeton kicked off his career at the age of four, starring in commercials for Skechers, McDonalds, and Nike as well as music videos.

"We clicked from the first day we met because we all love music and performing. On stage, we go all out," declares Princeton.
Audiences felt that passion as Mindless Behavior swiftly went from touring high schools to opening sold-out tours for Backstreet Boys [This Is Us] and Justin Bieber [Pop-Con]. A fervor for the music swept through crowds on the strength of their first single "My Girl" in 2010. A propulsive pop gem, the song is almost at 14 million views on YouTube, and it was nominated for a 2011 "Viewer's Choice" BET Award. 

The follow-up, "Mrs. Right", continued to turn heads and melt hearts with its combination of infectious beats and sweetly soulful harmonies. It landed at #1 on BET's 106 and Park three weeks in a row and was the #1 most added song at Urban Radio. Directed by Brett Ratner [Red Dragon, Rush Hour], the track's cinematic music video even features cameos from Mike Epps, LL Cool J, and Diggy Simmons, quickly becoming the #1 most demanded video on Music Choice. 

The third single, "Girls Talkin Bout," bounces from energetic electro production into an unforgettable chorus. Equally showcasing each member, it's ready for the clubs and the radio. As the song says, they've got "swagger on a hundred thousand million and beyond." 
Princeton reveals, "The song shows how all of these girls talk about us because of our confidence, style, swag, and how mindless we are."
So how can you be "Mindless?" Ray Ray goes on, "Anybody can be mindless. It doesn't matter if you're two-years-old or eighty-two-years-old. Be yourself. Love who you are and love what you do, no matter what it is. That makes you mindless."

It's an inspiring message that transcends all boundaries. Mindless Behavior bring people together under the banner of this positive lifestyle choice. They've chosen to be "Mindless," and you can hear it in their universal, undeniable songs. That's also why the fan reaction has been so explosive.

Their meet-n-greets will draw thousands of girls lining up hours in advance just to meet them. One Washington DC in-store even had to be shut down because four-thousand fans swarmed the mall. "Our fan base is really growing and we couldn't be more excited," says Roc Royal with a smile. "We give them what they want. We can relate to them because we're all kids and we love having fun."

Online, the group constantly stays in touch with that wild following. As a result, they're the #2 UMG artist behind Lady Gaga in terms of online presence and they have the #1 artist page on
Prodigy concludes, "We really want to show our fans how much we love them with #1 Girl. We want them to know we're just like them. We're all mindless 24/7, and they can be too."