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A mildly mad mind mapper enjoying bringing this wonder to the world
A mildly mad mind mapper enjoying bringing this wonder to the world

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🏆 #MAPPYAWARDS: March 2017 - "EDUCATION" Winner!

SUPERB "Roman Numerals Mind Map" from our mad mapping friend Philippe Packu which comfortably wins the #Education catetory this month!

🎯 Read my comments Here:

+Dessine-moi une idée ASBL +ThinkBuzan +iMindMap #mindmap #mindmapping #romannumerals +I Create Therefore I Am +OpenGenius Limited

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🏆 #MAPPYAWARDS: January 2017 - "BUSINESS" Winner!

Here is an amazingly inventive mind map from Paul Foreman on innovation winning the #Business Category for this month.

🎯 Read my comments in the #MappyAwards here:

#MappyAwards #mindmap #mindmapping #creativity #innovation +Creative Business Mind +I Create Therefore I Am 

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🏆 MAPPY AWARDS: January 2017 - "Towns, Regions, Countries & Continents"

🇫🇷 Here +Marion Charreau is back with a wonderful map for students learning French, in the FRENCH category this month.
🎯 Read my comments in the #MappyAwards here: 😊

#mindmap #mindmapping +Tony Buzan #education #French #Français

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🏆 MAPPY AWARDS: January 2017 - "Mind Model Mad"!

Enthusiastic mind 'modeller' George Huba has inspired me to get the #MappyAwards off the ground for 2017 with a new map (his) and a brand new category: "Mind Maps"!

🎯 CLICK the link below to see George's map in all its glory, and read my comments in all theirs: 😊

#mindmap #mindmapping #imindmap +ThinkBuzan +Tony Buzan +Biggerplate 

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🎯 10 SUCCESS SECRETS: New Article & Mind Map!

👍 CHECK OUT my latest mind map, a fun but profound visual Top 10 List of Success Tips PLUS a full article 😊

+ThinkBuzan +iMindMap +Biggerplate +Tony Buzan #mindmap #mindmapping #imindmap #success #top10 Mind map +OpenGenius +Using Mind Maps Magazine

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🎄 OK people, here's my special page to help people get iMindMap 10 - THE WORLD'S MOST AMAZING MIND MAPPING & VISUAL PRODUCTIVITY TOOL (by the way 😍 ) at a 10% discount.

🎯 JOIN the CLUB!
Even more INTERESTING, for me at least, is my new "Ultimate CLUB"! It's specially for iMindMap 10 Ultimate users and you can join whether you buy iMindMap 10 Ultimate through Mind Map Mad or not. You get:

😊 Exclusive Mastermind Webinars
😊 3 Private Coaching Sessions
😊 An iMindMap 10 Hotline

You can see all the details on the page below and get your 10% discount if you're buying iMindMap 10 for the first time.

📢 Spread the word and Happy Mapping!
+ThinkBuzan +iMindMap +Tony Buzan +Biggerplate
#mindmapping #mindmap #imindmap

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😃 FANCY A FUN WEEKEND in Paris, just you, me, and... well, maybe six or seven other creative types (in French)?

💡 Check out my Paris "CREATIVE MIND" workshops:
- SATURDAY: Intro to Mind Mapping;
- SUNDAY: Liberating your Creativity.

You can come to one or both days and it's great fun (read the testimonials) 😊 and I need to get the word out too, so if any of you would be so kind, I'd be most grateful, ta! The sessions are in French, by the way, so oil up your onions and burnish your baguettes if you're feeling a bit rusty!

+ThinkBuzan +OpenGenius Limited +Tony Buzan +Biggerplate #mindmap #mindmapping #imindmap

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🎯 OK, so here's the BIG REVEAL we've been waiting for. I didn't think they were going to do it - add yet another 'view', that is - but they did!

🎬 There's a video in the post and a lot of images but no zappy Sabby aritcle for the moment - it's late, mañana, mañana! 😩

+iMindMap +ThinkBuzan +Tony Buzan #imindmap #mindmap #mindmapping

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Here's the latest iMindMap 10 Feature Reveal (coming soon): a couple of really cool new features coming in iMM 10 you should check out.

🎯 P.S. There's a mini-video from +ThinkBuzan / +iMindMap which explains it all in under two minutes! 😊

+OpenGenius Limited +Biggerplate #mindmap #mindmapping #imindmap

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🚇 NEW ARTICLE: "Metro Madness Adventure" Read HERE: (+ FREE download!)

👪 For FATHER'S DAY this year I created an exciting, educational and FUN real-life train adventure for my son, all based on a colourful, stimulating highly original activity mind map! TRY IT with YOUR kids in YOUR town - they'll love it! 👦💗👧

Original #iMindMap file available on +Biggerplate:

+ThinkBuzan +iMindMap +Tony Buzan #mindmap #mindmapping #Paris #metro #train #English
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