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Milo Thurston

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Some swag from the reenactment fair.

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Despite the closure of Google Reader it seems that RSS feeds are still fairly well used; I certainly follow most things by RSS. As I don't have a Facebook account account I find it useful to follow the public posts of certain groups via RSS, and this can be done by creating a feed with the following URL:$ID

Replace the "$ID" with the group id, which can be found by looking through the page source and getting the value of page_id.

There may be those who feel the need to look at RSS feeds for Google+ posts, such as the posts of the +Linacre School of Defence. I'm not aware of any direct way to build a feed, but there are services such as this one:

Of course, the problem with both of these systems is that due to these services requiring one to have an account it's not possible for those following by RSS to comment. Still, at least one can read the information, which is better than nothing. 

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Welcome to all the new people. Here is a video that might help.
Please share this with everyone you meet.

Created by +James Lawson-Smith and +Saidur Hossain
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