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I can fully vouch for the quality of these fine men, having been a subscriber to LXF for a long time! Very excited to see how Linux Voice turns out!

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Nice few-year-old article here on the value of Classics ;)

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So true. 

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Looks like an interesting Google Reader replacement, I'll be checking out the free trial anyhow!
I decided that Google Reader shutting down was the best time to build an RSS Reader that fits how I use RSS.

 - A River of News
 - Simple sharing functionality (no starring, no sharing within the reader community itself)
 - No horrible unread article counts
 - No adverts (I'd rather pay than have my data sold)
 - No cruft
 - No need to organise stuff.

I decided that if I wanted it maybe others would too. So in conjunction with the startup I work for today we launched Rivered:

I'd love to know what you think - it's a bit rough around the edges because I basically built it from the ground up in 3 days. There's a free 30 day trial but even after that it's just $2/month :)

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So true!
We use Linux because it's fun!

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We normally do not put personal posts on this page, as they can be complicated matters and usually do not pertain to CyanogenMod news. That said, something is affecting us in a way it really hasn’t affected us before, and it’s hitting very close to home.

Within CyanogenMod, we have dozens of maintainers and hundreds of contributors; none of whom are paid employees. Yes, we get donations, but despite the jokes of yachts, helicopters, and private planes, it is really just enough to cover operating costs for servers and hosting. Occasionally, there is enough leftover in the team account to buy a device for a developer. What we are getting at here is that CyanogenMod is not rich.

There are, however, times where we wish that we were a full fledged company. It’d be nice if CM could pay for some full-time positions or help out team members when they are in need. Currently, we are experiencing a painful reminder of this limitation.

A member has had a pretty serious problem fall into his lap. +Ryan Scott (aka ChiefzReloaded), a device maintainer, has a rare infection known as Necrotizing Fasciitis. This infection is caused by bacteria that eats skin, fat, and other tissue; it is literally a flesh-eating disease. Ryan is going through the treatments that he needs to keep him alive, but unfortunately, that treatment quickly becomes very expensive to deal with, and it is no exception for Ryan. This disease has placed an incredible strain on him and his family, including his young children. The CyanogenMod team would love to be able to hand out a fistful of cash and help out as much as possible.

Love from the Community
Some members of our community have started a few initiates to benefit Ryan and his family. As we are unable to help out financially, we would like to lend our support for these community initiatives, and help spread the word.

+Polo Heysquierdo has started an Indiegogo page for Ryan at This page has some more details on Ryan’s condition and a method for you to help the effort.

Additionally, a huge community favorite and someone who the CyanogenMod team loves, +Deth Becomes You has started an auction with proceeds aimed at helping out Ryan.

And last, but not least, you can send donations and words of support to Ryan directly via paypal.

We understand that not everyone can help, but even if you can’t, sending Ryan and his family some kind words and sharing this message will go equally as far.

Thank You,
The CyanogenMod Team

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186mph?!?!?! Holy poo
A 20-hour trip will now take 8 hours: World's longest high-speed rail line begins service in China

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So cool!
Portal for the TI calculator.  Link via the always good "Hack the Planet"

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Awesome use of the new Communities feature. Do you dabble in indie development? Do you want to? Join up :P
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