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Fri, November 1, 2013, 12:01 AM

Milly Story

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Just downloaded my WriMo template, awesome!
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Loving Bioshock, my first PC game! Totally hooked.
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Love #stephenfry  
#Fryday   Can we do this...? - Re-share if you agree :)

Not sure if this will resonate or not... but this is my humble attempt to try and bring Stephen Fry to +Google+ 

In my opinion he is a gem glinting in the eyes of the people from UK and beyond and I for one would truly love to see him here. 
Hello fellow writers, I am a newby at writing more than just something like a short story. I'm yet to publish and still trying to find my way along that path, to self publish or not to self publish, but more importantly I need a good editor. But I have managed in the past year to complete two novels and start two more. I look forward to sharing and discussing ideas with you. 
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Welcome +Milly Story!!!  We have lots of people around to help you.  If you have something you'd like to ask an editor you can pose your question in Ask An Editor.  However, if you want to ask the entire community if something works, try posting in Does It Work? if it's 1k words or less, more than that, post a tidbit about it in Story Critiques with a link to your document.  A lot of folks use Google Docs to share, but whatever you're comfy with.  
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Milly Story

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Hi all, just found this group it looks amazing. I'm a knitter, weaver and spinner. I want to learn crochet as well. I've been knitting for about 7 years, weaving and spinning for about 5 years. I look forward to making new fibery friends. 
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Socks are very portable.  My sister-in-law has a socks obsession.  She's very good at making them now.
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Milly Story

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Thanks for the invite. 
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Milly Story

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Here is my command center for writing this November. Although much of it will be done on the laptop from various locations. But I have extra batteries for the keyboard, refreshment, note cards, and various items that might come in handy. 
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+James Shewmaker sorry. posted on the link provided. 
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Hi all, need help. I want to get into gaming. But with so much info out there it is hard to sort through the BS and get to what's real. So I ask for help from the expects. What is the best way to start into the world of gaming? PC vs. Console? PS vs. Xbox? I hear and see review of games like Halo and Call of Duty and they look amazing. So I want to get the best experience possible. Any thoughts? 
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+Paul Faulkner Hey that is awesome  thank you. I will check out your site. Sounds like just what I need. And glad to know I won't be the "oldest" player there. :-3
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Milly Story

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Thanks for the invite. I am a long time knitter and would love to learn to crochet. I have recently founds some patterns to try. 
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Dear Google, 
  I put up with it when  you constantly ask if I want you to access my contacts and I always say no. But now the new results page for the search engine with half the page taken up with a column for ads is too much. I going to have to find something other than Chrome. Sorry. I really loved you, but it's not me it's you. 
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A professional planner by day, master of my own creations.
  • I'm a knitter/spinner
  • HAM radio operator General Class KI4MNE
  • Certified Mixologist/Bartender/TIP certified.
  • CityPlanner by day.
  • Total bibliophile, will read the history of anything. Personal preference nothing newer than the 17th Century, keeping it medieval, baby!
  • On the road to publishing my first novel. 
  • Just a little FYI before adding me to your circles. We all have opinions and I think discussing different sides to anything, vanilla vs. chocolate, Coke vs. Pepsi, self publish vs. traditional, is very important, valuable and interesting. We can all learn from each other, but if you cannot do it respectfully, if you want to jump on-line and spout off your opinion without being open to discussion. Skip over me. I'm not here for that. 
I have circles that include Bibliophiles, food & spirits, writing, music, fiber arts, photography, Planning (as in city or county planners), gardening, and tattoos. I'm always adding and creating new circles.  
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