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sunday session 01.
No words, just new music - mainly because I cba to waffle on about each track when you can use your own ears to figure out your thoughts and feelings surrounding each rift, melody and lyric more accurately. Happy Sunday. Happy listening. Jacques Greene To S...

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My mates are my entire universe. Nothing is more important to me than their happiness and their health and quite frankly, I do anything to ensure they have both at all times. It's utterly shit but it turns out, sometimes, these things are entirely out of ou...

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Blogger 101: Kodak Ektra
You know when you learn something and then years later you realise there's a completely different way to do it? That's how I feel about android phones. Slowly but surely I've been learning how to use Kodak's latest tech offering, the Kodak Ektra phone. The ...

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Urban Outfitters ruched tube top  & jeans * | Monki top | Nike AF1s | Moschino belt via  Farfetch * Photographs by Lydia Collins As I sat in Bluetit 's  ~ trendy ~   Peckham branch, inches of my wet hair, that had been on my head moments before, were now fo...

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How far are you through your January ‘shred’? Are you still invigorated or have you given up; were you motivated by the sudden drop of lbs in the first week only to be shattered by disappointment at the slower pace of weight loss in the next?  Step away fro...

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Inside the Design Museum
Photographs by Joe Galvin We are confronted with design everywhere we turn; the buildings we live in, the clothes we wear and the things we use on a minute-to-minute basis were all designed with a purpose in mind. With that in mind, and in between doing my ...

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Therapy isn't a dirty word
I love America's no bullshit attitude towards therapy. That American banker walking down Wall Street? She's seen her therapist twice a week for the past three years. Her yoga teacher goes once a month to offload about his wife's OCD and his  worries about w...

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The difference between skiing Europe to skiing Japan? Where do I begin?  I can confirm the rumours; I've never seen or skied more perfectly, powdery snow than the snow in Japan. My skiing capabilities are fairly average and for that I apologise; Hakuba's no...

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twenty seventeen
A bove - Stussy s wimsuit & my only activity until leaving Australia - buy similar here . I was making plans with a friend recently - she's always snowed under at with her high pressure and ever time-consuming job and therefore, challenging to get hold of -...
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