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Inspiring Positive Creativity
Inspiring Positive Creativity


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There was a time when I would have said (in fact - I did) that G+ pages were not the greatest and that if you operate online just using your name (like I do), then you were better off just using your profile... well... I believe that has all changed now! Please go forth and follow my G+ page! It is magical and mystical and wondrous! ♥

Okay! It's a new week and that means... share your posts for this week! I will actually finally be updating my blog this week... I think a little unplanned hiatus may have accidentally happened here... oops! Have any of you ever done that before?

Who here is feeling more European than if they were from the UK today? Things Australia does better! Huzzah! Hehe. Thanks to Sweden and Austria for their 12 point contributions to our score and fine, okay... I'll stop fangirling about Eurovision here but believe me, it's going to be happening elsewhere! Share your posts for this week here!

The sun is out here in Melbourne and it's a glorious Monday morning! Don't forget to share your posts for the week here! ♥ Haven't sorted out prompts yet, but it looks like they'll be a happening thing! xx

Somehow or another I've managed to bust my neck. So much ouch. So many tears. It means my focus has been derailed (plus I went for a walk because I needed it) but basically today has had about 0% productivity. I just want to sleep, but mum needs help setting up her ebay store... where is the thing that takes thought from my brain and makes it words so I can have book. ~frustrated~

Last night the gorgeous +Chami-Ely ABookSoFathomless shared a link to a site that looks so amazingly useful - I can't wait to sink my teeth into this and see what I can learn! If you're interested in furthering your education at your own pace and just for the love of learning, have a look at: 

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So much for fixing my sleeping patterns. I'm so damn tired and I had so much trouble getting up this morning because movement was making me nauseous... I'm up now though (kind of). I've been listening to VersaEmerge this morning so here is a video of theirs for you all to enjoy! ♥ And to the likes of +Amanda Kontos, +Chami-Ely ABookSoFathomless, & +Stakes and Steles who know about some of my ridiculous writing goals at the moment, wordcount I'm aiming for today is 5,000 (yesterday I got to 800 before having to call it a day). Let's see how we go... if any of you want to word war with me, please drop me a line and it'll be GO-GO-GO!!! ♥

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I seriously love this idea and what an awesome book to be sending around ;) ♥ #Bloodlines   #VampireAcademy   #RichelleMead  
Sending the book off to +Lu Jaffrey this week! Any other BookTubers that want to receive the Bloodlines travelling book, come talk to me. :)

Progress report:

For those of you who didn't hear my screaming and wailing over the last few days, it turns out I've lost a scene from The Last King. Heart. Broken. I'm gearing up to re-write it, but it's such an overwhelming prospect.

I'm also in the process of building an empire with some friends. Just thought you ought to know ;) ♥

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With Google+ introducing Collections now, if people are only following me for news on my upcoming novel The Last King, you could instead just follow my Anastasia Avignon collection. I think this collections thing has potential to be awesome... I'm seeing it kind of like they're expanding and they're now becoming more of a blend of Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
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