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If your job is important to you it is important to us. No job to big or too small.
If your job is important to you it is important to us. No job to big or too small.


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You want to install photovoltaic in very hot regions ?
take desert technology from
J. v. G. Thoma GmbH

made for extremes!

highest temperatures
long life (three times more then eva module)
10 percent more power over 20 years periode
no pid
100 percent recycling

what else you want?

desert modules are so good, you can even use them for discussion tables

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This guy lights wouldn't work today. Name 5 things that is wrong with this picture.
Safety is key when troubleshooting electrical distribution systems. We saw this scene while driving down the road in Equatorial Guinea last year. Those are live wires the individual is working on, as was made evident by the shower of sparks erupting from the line moments after this picture was taken.

During time in country, we heard numerous horror stories from people of their friends and relatives dying because they didn't understand the dangers of electricity and electrical distribution systems.

One such story was of one of the local worker's grandmother dying because she didn't understand the dangers of high voltage electrical wires and was using them to hang wet clothing out to dry!

The local company who we were contracted out for saw the need for better education and was taking active steps to try and prevent such accidents in the future, working hard to educate its employees on proper safety practices not only at work but also at home. Additionally, the company I work for, +TTSTampa, has opened up its safety related wiki pages (and other pages) for free viewing by the public. Systems Overview

While this doesn't put the information directly into the hands of people working on electrical distribution systems, at least it is one more free resource that maybe could be passed on.

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I will do my best to save you some green but you have to do your best in replacing this unit with a new energy efficient green unit.
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Millennium Electric offers expert electrical, heating, air condition, ventilation, minor plumbing repair.
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If your electrical breaker panel is outdoor next to your meter box, than you might need a upgrade.

A faulty residential electrical system can cause all sorts of issues in the home; from surges that can ruin T.V’s and computers to deadly home fires. One of the best ways to keep your home electrically sound is with a Millennium electrical safety inspection and surge protector.
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