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1. I have noticed that the screen tends to stay dimmed during charging at all time. This has been happening in the last few updates.
2. "#GoogleApps are not responding" keep crashing every few minutes.

Both errors are still there after clean update. I'm running the latest rom on #S3 international version.

I've updated to the latest release. Unfortunately, just noticed that I don't receive incoming calls! Sometimes the phone shows the crashed error at the receiving without any notification. 

I have updated to the latest build for the S3 and noticed the bugs below:
- volume rocker won't work if the screen is locked
- the build so much laggier (!) comparing to the previous. And so slower.
- GPS won't lock.
But I love this ROM for s3. Great job! 

I'm having a little issue with the recent update. I used to disable hover notification (though love heads up) previously. However, in the latest update, the hover is enabled again and I had no luck to disable it. I tried to find it through notification in Settings but no luck. Also couldn't find the app to disable it.
Please let me know how can I stop hover notification?
Btw, great job and keep it up :)

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I have updated to the latest ver. yesterday and I have faced with an issue.
During a call when I want to use the dialpad, the screen is on but cannot choose any no. The screen is active for other options, though.

I have version 11-20131219-team_(UB) installed on my phone.
I had no chance to find the OTA update! Can anyone guide me if this feature is available in this build and where it is?

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