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Today in #US   #Military   #History : 18161 – The Virginia State Convention voted to secede from the Union.

#Virginia  became the eighth state to secede from the Union.
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Crazy news this morning... Hopefully they are able to track down and catch everyone who tries to do something like this! --

Ohio Man Accused of Traveling to #Syria‪ , Plotting #TerrorAttack -- (Via +Fox News)

"An Ohio man traveled to Syria and trained alongside terrorists, then returned to the U.S. with plans to attack a military base or a prison, according to a federal indictment announced Thursday."
#terrorism   #ISIS   #ismalicstate   #military   #news  
An Ohio man is accused of plotting to commit terrorism in the U.S. after traveling to Syria for terrorist training.
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Today in #US   #Military   #History : 1789 – George Washington left Mount Vernon, Va., for the first presidential inauguration in New York.
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Today marks the 2 year anniversary - #BOSTONSTRONG ! --

Today in #US   #History : 2013 – Two bombs planted by Dzhokhar & Tamerlan Tsarnaev explode near the finish line at The Boston Marathon in Boston, MA, killing three people and injuring 264 others.
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A #military  cyber strategy is very important & needs to be able to change swiftly with the times... 

New #DoD   #CyberSecurity  Strategy Nears Release, Official Says: (via +Department of Defense)

"Rosenbach said defending DoD’s networks is the department’s most important cyber mission. “I know that may be surprising when you think about the Department of Defense,” he said. “We’re very network-reliant and network-centric.” DoD has the largest enterprise network in the world, he added, and all military operations depend on that network. Secondly, Rosenbach said, the Defense Department needs to defend the nation against significant cyberattacks. “This is a small part of all the cyberattacks against the #US  -- not a denial-of-service attack, unless it would cross the threshold of armed attack for most instances,” he said." #news   #IT   #technews  
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Today in #US   #History : 1865 – John Wilkes Booth shoots President Abraham Lincoln at a play at Ford’s Theater in Washington DC.

He shouted, “Sic semper tyrannis!” (“Thus ever to tyrants!”–the Virginia state motto) and ran from the stage. There was a pause, as the crowd initially thought the unfolding drama was part of the production, but a scream from Mrs. Lincoln told them otherwise. The stricken president was carried from the box to a house across the street, where he died the following morning. #CivilWar   #military  
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A followup to yesterday's post about the current ongoings in today's #military  climate... 

In +The U.S. Army, #Morale  Low Despite 6-Year, $287M Optimism Program: (Via +USA TODAY)

"More than half of some 770,000 soldiers are pessimistic about their future in the military and nearly as many are unhappy in their jobs, despite a six-year, $287 million campaign to make troops more optimistic and resilient, findings obtained by USA TODAY show." #pentagon   #DoD   #news   #DepartmentofDefense   #militarylife  
Scientific research to understand prevent suicide, now the 10th leading cause of death in American, is "meager" and falls far behind money spent to cure other diseases that kill far fewer people, according
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An interesting article about what's going on in the current military climate... WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS?? --

REPORT: #US   #Military  'Hostile' to #Christians  under #Obama ; Morale, Retention Devastated -
(Via +The Washington Times)

"Not being able to recruit or retain these individuals is very dangerous from a national security standpoint, said Mr. Berry, because they could be the military’s next group of leaders, but will never serve because they don’t think they’re welcome." #veterans   #news   #opinion   #religion  
Christians are leaving the U.S. military or are discouraged from joining in the first place because of a “hostile work environment” that doesn’t let them express their beliefs openly, religious freedom advocates say.
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To end #HumpDay  here's a GREAT & TRUE inspirational   #military‬   #quoteoftheday   --

"In no other profession are the penalties for employing untrained personnel so appalling or so irrevocable as in the military." 
-- #Army  Gen. Douglas MacArthur
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Interesting... It's cool to read the perspective of someone actually involved in the bombings in ‪#‎Iraq‬ and ‪#‎Syria‬. MUST READ! - -
#A10‬  Pilot Talks About #War ‬ on #ISIS‬  Forces - (via

"+Air National Guard Col. Michael Stohler is one of the pilots battering #ISIL  or what Stohler prefers to call " #Daesh " forces, a less respectful acronym also favored by the Iraqi government and coalition partners. Stohler not only flies an A-10 Warthog ground-attack, close-air aircraft but he commands in theater their reactivated 332d Air Expeditionary Group, a descendent of the legendary Red Tails of 332nd Fighter Group from World War II. He agreed to be interviewed, and named, to broaden understanding of the purpose and challenges of air campaign Operation Inherent Resolve." #news   #military   #waronterror  
An Air National Guard pilot agreed to be interviewed to broaden understanding of the challenges of Operation Inherent Resolve.
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Here's an interesting and inspirational article to take a read through an hopefully uplift your spirits as we come to the "mid-day slump" -- 

#US   #Veterans  Return to #MiddleEast  to Battle Past and Present 'Demons' -

""In order to aid my recovery from #PTSD  I have taken it upon myself to fight on my terms, against an enemy I know is evil," said Lane, who joined Kurdish militiamen in #Syria . "It is redemption, in a sense." He is one of a small but growing number of #IraqWar  veterans who are making their way back to the Middle East, not as uniformed soldiers, but as individuals waging their own personal battles." #military   #news   #inspirational   #ISIS   #IslamicState  
A decade after his first Iraq tour, former U.S. Marine Jamie Lane has returned to the battlefields of the Middle East to fight a still unvanquished enemy and wrestle with the demons of his past.
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There's a NEW warning for military members & families relating to #tterrorist‬  threats... BE SAFE out there folks! --

Terror Targets: #US   #Troops‬  Urged to Keep Low Profile, Avoid  
' #Military‬  Slang' in Public -

"The military command in charge of protecting the U.S. homeland has sent a message to troops, warning them to hide family information from terrorist groups that are trying to frighten them. The memo warns against using “military slang” in public and decorating a home in military items — social conduct that might make troops a target for the #IslamicState ."  #news   #ISIS   #waronterror  
The command in charge of protecting the U.S. homeland has sent a message to troops warning them to hide family information from terror organizations who are trying to frighten them.
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