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Man, I forgot how much of a laugh browsing the "what's hot" section can be. 

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Hey +Google Play,

I'm gonna have to go ahead and ask you to take care of that Play Store rating widget that takes a step back in regards to app ratings.   Ever since that went into place, thousands of devs have started to get a LOT of comment-less ratings....almost all low ones.  How can we be expected to adequately provide customer service with this going on?  You previously made it so that a comment had to be left in order to rate an app in part to help stop the mass spamming of comments good and bad.  That is no longer the case anymore if someone can just click 1 star and that's it.

Please fix this...overall app ratings are taking a dip.  Please also remove all comment-less ratings.  I personally don't care if that means some of my 5 star ratings go away as's the principle of the matter.

K thanks!
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Well, I upgraded to a Nexus 5, and one of the first new apps I got for it was +Stormfly for Android . It looks absolutely fantastic, and I love being able to see the weather at a glance, without a widget cluttering up my home screen.

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About a month or so ago, I received a notice that my health insurance company was raising my rates. The 12 percent increase was expected. After all, health premiums have been skyrocketing for years. That alarming rate was why President Obama and the Democrats pushed for health insurance reform in the first place.

Much has been made of the president's promise that "if you like your health insurance, you can keep it." Less has been made of a much more important fact: If you hate your health insurance, you can leave it.

Now, if an insurance company jacks up your rate, you have the freedom to shop around. I plan to and I'm sure I'll be able to find a plan with better value now that the exchange has been launched.

As for my parents? Well, in writing this, I asked my mother if she wanted to append a letter to President Obama.

"Just tell him thanks," she said. Then she smiled.

"It was a good birthday."

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This week, +YouTube updated its comment section to use Google+'s systems. Everything is much cleaner, and easier to read. No one can be flagged for spam, simply because of a dissenting opinion. Every chain of comments is grouped together, and they can't branch off because someone needed more than 500 characters to express their opinion. The character limit was removed, meaning double posting to express the opinion fully is no longer necessary. Large comments collapse automatically, meaning you only have to scroll through the whole message if you actually want to read it.

There are petitions for it to go back to the way it used to be. People are boycotting YouTube because they can't say "Click show comment to go on an adventure" anymore. Someone actually said their YouTube experience has no meaning anymore.

First. World. Problems.

So, I finally decided to get Glowfly. It's a pretty cool app for what it does, but I found a typo.

In Advanced Settings, the description for "Show Popup on Desk Dock" says "Popup will show when on Des*c* Dock."

+Kahil Nettleton 
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