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Have you ever thought about writing historical biographies of your ancestors? I have written a few over the last couple years and posted them to my blog hoping that someone would find them and help fill in the holes. So far I have had no luck meeting new relatives, but just writing the biographies gives me a good idea of what the records can tell us. Take time to visit and let me know if you have any feedback
According to family stories, Willie Mae Harris was born 17 November 1864. Supposedly this is the same day that her father Frank E. Harris was injured during a Civil War skirmish in Atlanta (we have no...
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+Susi Pentico Took a look at your blog. I really think writing has changed over the last 50 years. Today many writers can post online and get instant feedback. I post many of my presentations on or one of my many personal websites and allow others to use the resources I provide. I have been intermittently writing on a variety of topics, mostly family history but currently I am writing a book on park lands in Florida and some curricula on history, ecology, and related topics. I don't ever plan on "publishing" my work. I do it for fun, post it for free, and hope someone gets something out of it.
Miles Meyer, Thanks I read your blog posts and yes, I have done that at times on various members of the past. I have three active blog posts and a long ago created web page with cousin.
Many years of research has been done. BTW, I have MEYER and MYERS in my lines. That we can discuss later.
Use this one for my classes I work with.

This one is mixed information and data.
Thanks so much.
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