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The Norseboard is now electronically and functionally complete. All that's left to do is print the remaining 5 case sections that make up the top half and I'll be able to call it "version 1".
Since I last showed it, I've added the external power port, an external USB type-B connector, and a switch to toggle between use as a standalone keyboard and keyboard for the internal RasPi.

It should be complete by the end of the week :)
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The keyboard matrix was salvaged from an old Toshiba Rupo. It all started as a challenge to myself to try and get the keys working again, so I learnt my way around an Arduino and it all sort of escalated from there. I had never planned for it to contain a computer, that just sort of happened.
The joysticks and USB hub are from various online suppliers but everything controlling them and even the case are mine from scratch
Real nice job - look forward to seeing it in action... :)
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