...like in old times...

OK, I have decided to give Smug Mug a try....so here I am uploading photos, and working on creating my portfolio there. So far I have added few of my Chicago related photos to my profile. I'm planning on slowly building it and really hope it will work for me. Check it out here: http://milenailieva.smugmug.com/Cityscape/Chicago/23701078_gR4xWQ#!i=1919019717&k=7GW3tqt&lb=1&s=A

This is one of my texture blend photos of Chicago. With this piece my goal was to create the illusion of an old style photograph but still having contemporary look.

#textureblendthursday  +The Official TextureBlendThursday Photo Theme Page by +Christine Hauber and +Matt Suess;
#textureblendphotography   +Texture Blend Photography by +Gemma Costa 
#paintitclub   +PaintIt Club by +Alexius Jørgensen, +Clare Bambers, +Celso Carvalho, +Dana Moyer and +Richard Mabb 
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