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OK, I have decided to give Smug Mug a here I am uploading photos, and working on creating my portfolio there. So far I have added few of my Chicago related photos to my profile. I'm planning on slowly building it and really hope it will work for me. Check it out here:!i=1919019717&k=7GW3tqt&lb=1&s=A

This is one of my texture blend photos of Chicago. With this piece my goal was to create the illusion of an old style photograph but still having contemporary look.

#textureblendthursday  +The Official TextureBlendThursday Photo Theme Page by +Christine Hauber and +Matt Suess;
#textureblendphotography   +Texture Blend Photography by +Gemma Costa 
#paintitclub   +PaintIt Club by +Alexius Jørgensen, +Clare Bambers, +Celso Carvalho, +Dana Moyer and +Richard Mabb 
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Congrats on the new site, Milena!
Congrats, this is a lovely entry and does have that look!
Very nice Milena! I recently joined Smug Mug also. I had a little trouble with all the customization but I'm slowly finding my way around.
i would love to hear if you have luck from smugmug. i've tried a couple now and i'm not sure people on g+ ever buy prints. why should they when they get to see so many amazing photographs everyday? 

by the way, awesome photo +Milena Ilieva 
I know what you mean +Kenny Salazar :))) still trying to figure it out :)))... hopefully soon everything will become much more clear to me :)
Oh, this sounds very discouraging +J.J. Bentley :))), anyways, will see how it goes :))) Thanks a lot for your comment! 
sorry not trying to be discouraging :) i would love to encourage you. your artwork is definitely worth buying.. so don't give up
Thank you for that +J.J. Bentley so kind of you. You know I'm very realistic, if it doesn't work, it just doesn't work...what can you do...move on and look for other ways. :)))
nothing good comes without putting in the time and effort.. people who sell photos online successfully didn't do it over night. at least that's what i tell myself :)
Simon K
Like the sepia effect very much.
I like the texture here Milena,
and on your Smugmug - profil I found (for me) new pictures. :) I think, I need more time ... :))
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