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Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Budapest University of Technology and Economics

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Sharing because I can.
#goodbyebreakingbad  , it was an amazing ride all along.

Guys, I know the YouTube integration is gone for a long time now, but do we have a reason why it was removed with the new design? I loved the ability to listen to music via YouTube here directly. Any chance of having it back?

I can't believe that no one posts here, when one of the hardest part of learning japanese is the dreadful, weird chinese (literally) stuff that should make sense, but look totally evil on the paper.

What works for me is Wanikani. It uses a similar method to Heisig's, meaning that you learn kanji by building them up with radicals, not with strokes. Not to mention that you get nice little mnemonics that should help you remember them with relatively little effort.

One thing that you have to know: it doesn't teach you how to write the kanji. It kind of makes sense though, most of the time you'll type on a computer, which will help you with it, but still, it's good to know. If you wan't to learn how to write them, you should find something else that does just that. I heard that Heisig's books are great for writing.

The greatest thing is that you won't feel like you're studying at all. It's pretty addictive and fun, with several ranks that represent how much you know each item. If you know enough, you even level up. Really, it's addictive.

Wanikani is in beta now, but you can always just put yourself on the list, I got an invite a week after I did. The first two levels are free, so try it out! Head over for more information, you're most probably going to love it (or not, but you can't really lose anything, now can you?).

It's great to see people actually building a community here. Everyone is posting stuff, commenting on other people's thoughts, it feels really vivid and full of life. I don't know if it's only because we're totally hyped and we're among the first ones to experience it, but it sure feels good.

I came to the Breaking Dawn trending page just to see some trolling... but people are actually looking forward seeing it... o.O

Oh, by the way, guys and girls, I can recommend you a japanese animated masterpiece on the level of Twilight... let me present you: Boku no Pico :D

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Let's help #Tesla  with building a #teslamuseum  . Seriously guys, if it wasn't for him, you wouldn't be able to read this, go and donate a few bucks!

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Ha valakit érdekel a #diablo3 béta, akkor nézze meg a videót, a hapsi nagyon jófej és tényleg ki lehet próbálni a játékot.

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Boldog 3.1415926535... napot mindenkinek!
It's Pi Day Pi Day gotta get down on Pi Day

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Interview of Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak about Chuck and the ending of the show. Any fan should watch it, it's very heart-warming after seeing the last episodes of this amazing show. #goodbyechuck , it was heck of a road together!
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