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Absolultey stunning musing and video! ♥
Amazing art picture so perfectly fit with song!
♥ ♥ ♪ ♫♪ ♫♪
~Late in life
You came to me
And you put a sign
On me
Late in life
What remained of you
When you fell into
A trap of lies ~
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Oh , my word!! This is absolutely fabulous it!! Love the music...the arrangement and wonderful art...just perfect!! Thanks for sharing...I hope you are well?? warm regards....Jolanta
A shame they put the karaoke text on top of it. Where is the red bouncing ball?
ae den
very beautiful! love it! Thanks for sharing this wonderful video :)
Moi +Soili Marila! niin minäkin vasta löysin hänet! Todela kaunis musiikia ja myöskin video on upea! Olen iloinen, että pidät siitä!
i am realy glad you like it +Jolanta Anna Karolska! it is fantastic video and very beautiful song!
thank you! i am ok! Like you see very busy vith my daily paintings! hahah! have lotes of fun and spring arrived what can els we need! :)
how are you my friend?
Thanks:-) Great photos and music:-)
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