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"Magical tea time"

This creation was born as a spontaneous way, but I like very much this! its like a mysterious fantasy and fullof magic!
greatly inspired by: Kerli - Tea Party

:) welcome on my Tea Party!

Photomanipulatio.Having fun with my old creations, actually here are 4 of my paintings that Ihave attached to one!
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Oh this is perfect dear Mikko, did you see the cake from +Cynthia Chia which I shared, your painting brightens our entire tea day even more! Wonderful!
Is this from back when I posted the song?
Beautiful! Beautiful!! Beautiful!!! Love the colors, love the design, love the hidden treasures I see in this!!! :D Such a fun happy picture!!! 
Thank you +Christine Cantow Smith, for your kind praise. All we do is ask.. now? And we brew a cuppa with a momentary escape from the grind, and pleasant moment shared with each other. =)
Love this in all its glorious color - just bursting from the page!
wow! i am speacless my friends!
Sorry i forgot to put that it is digital work! :)

+Louisa Catharine Forsyth i will wisit you right now!
I am absolutely agree with you +Jimmie Fisher! defenetly when i am spontanious some how i create a rel gem!
Thank you +Myrna Weinreich!
+Alicia Vogel Mmm. i made this work some times ago for realy dear friend as birthday gift! PS it a secret! :)
awww! +Cynthia Chia thank you so much for kind words! you know how i love tea! Your words mean a lot to me!
hahah! it would be aweosme to have one day a party with you all +Christine Cantow Smith! i am sure it would be an amazing great tea party! yeahhh! :)
Thank you +Armaity Mistry
Thankyou so much +j.r. bailey! i know the feeling me too zooming at all museums an dgalleries to see the details and how painting was done!
!!! :D !!!!
Beautiful. So vibrant and alive.
Harmony of colours.....
Love it! I find my own imagination at play when viewing this. Beautiful! :)
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