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In a word: Majestic! A beautiful creature and amazing image. Bravo to you!
I echo everyone before me. Outstanding!
Totally agree with all the above comments - beautiful image!
Wonderful - like it very much!
Nice. Looks like you've done a lot pp work ??
Wow! I love this! I think I've seen this before in your Flickr, I seem to remember it. It's still beautiful :)
WOW!...What a Stunning piece of work!
Yoli lp
Wow maravillosa imagen me gusta saludos un buen fin de semana
This is a wonderful shot! I love the 3D effect of a narrow depth of field, and the light is incomparable! Impressive!
Impressive shot with great light.
Love these morning shots! Too bad I'll never be up before 9.
Great photo... My imagination somehow brings a Lord Aragorn walking slowly to meet his nobel steed on peacefull, cold morning... 
I can't find any words for this pic... I'm just speechless... lovely horse, the lights and everything... AMAZING
Your wild beauty captures the camera perfectly
grass divides the freedom that exists
cold forms a cloud from your breath
Mystery of what you think
head bowed down
what do you think
Stand still and suddenly
Who sees you looking back
Your color so captivating on my eyes
the photo is to die for!!! absolutely amazing!!!!
what a wonderful photo, I love it
Excellent quality and skill! Thanks for sharing!~
Luc Suy
Every time I look at it, it becomes more and more beautiful!
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