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Have a great weekend everyone!

As promised I made a post how this image was made to my blog.
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great weird and gloomy capture ... ty for sharing it ...
Brilliant photograph ! Composition here works really great
Wow, impressive composition, thank you for the inspiration and insight in the creation process in your blog
That's a tasty piece of work Mikko. Thanks for the 'How to'
Great work, thanks for the explanation about the "how to..."
looks like a house from a Stephen King's book
This is surreal....Very, very beautiful!
Ihan mahotonta menoa....
Loistavien kuvien sarjatulitusta :-)
i think this is my favorite one by you, so far. i just wish they were so much bigger!
Very cool. I loved this image the first time I saw it months ago. And I have pointed others to it on your profile. Nice work!
I call this creepy house, and the clouds make this just perfect
THIS IS like wizard of oz
Wow, great work... Thanks for the DIY ;-)
The only point that is not quite perfect is the reflection in the windows. Light seems to reflect from a direction where is no light source.
Excellent composition!! 
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