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Enjoy your weekend everyone!

It's dark and misty. Camera ready - now I just need to get inspired.

A reshare for the thousands who have circled me since couple of months.
Thank you all! :)
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you can switch on inspiration?
Don´t hesitate to share that secret with me. Nobody´s listening. Promise :-)
Awesome shot and post-processing.
A great photo, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. These measure up to both. Spectacular is a word that comes to mind.
and very danger's but
i am very like
creepy picture mate who is the man far in the shadow of darkness
What a great misty album with a few punches of delight, fantastic, thank you for sharing! :)
Beautiful photographs, Mikko! What camera do you use and at what settings?
great picture, I feel taking pictures of everyday events are my inspiration
Always look for your new projects on Behance - nice to see you here!!
Great images! Keep the good work. Thanks for sharing.
dark is so super............>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.............<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Impressive composition and light!
hi vaishali ,how r u?????????
thank you more such u as fine, peo..
awsme picks buddy, get going with the same stuff
your work is incredible! would love to collaborate sometime (:
etkilendim is ''I was impressed'' mean
unbelievable pictures, i love them.
Fantastic, also emotes a chill from inside. I imagine a long journey
Great portfolio!! Awesome Eye and creativity. Very inspiring!
There are tons more creative sites available, but I tried to select the best picks of my own choice. ... Amazing flash developer with very creative portfolio page as well. ...
I love all of your photographs.
omg the picture is quite scarry lol but really love it xx
very touching, thank you for sharing
its very nice ....
light and darkness.. it shows the best pix
As always... your work is nothing short of amazing. Very inspiring.
Yoli lp
Wow maravillosa imagen me gusta saludos un buen fin de semana
daha önce yağmurlu havalarda, karabulutların arasında fırlayan güneşin, bu tür görüntü bıraktığına şahit olmuştum...
doğanın içinde muhteşem görüntüler var.. içine girmek gerekir..
beautifully ya süper bir görüntü bn onun içine girmek isterim...
I really like your pic. they are so Beautiful,would like to know where they were taken.
Pleasure meeting you Mikko, your photograhs are extraordinary beautiful!
Magical! stunning! a really nice work!
My friend, this is really a good pics!
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