How to connect your #Jolla  phone to OS X to share files.

Caution! These instructions require you to set your phone into developer mode. If you don't know what that means, don't read on. Use these instructions at your own risk. Using the developer mode may void your warranty.

The Jolla phone uses MTP to share files via USB. This is fine on Windows but doesn't work on OS X. On OS X we'll use SSH to transfer files instead. Here are the steps to do that:

0. Get your phone into developer mode and enable logging in remotely with SSH. You may need to reboot your phone after this to enable connecting USB in developer mode.
1. Install the following softare onto your OS X to enable USB networking functionality: I didn't need to reboot my Mac after this but your mileage may vary.
2. Connect your Jolla to your computer with USB and select "Developer mode" from the USB connection popup on the phone. A dialog should pop up on your computer telling you to configure a new network interface. If it doesn't, go to the network preferences manually.
3. Configure the new USB network interface (called "Sailfish" on my computer) for a static IP. I used as my IP address, as the subnet mask, as the router and DNS address.
4. Now you should be able to SSH onto your device and use SCP or SSHFS for file transfer. Note that new connections made by programs may start using the USB interface so it may look like your Internet connection was lost.
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