This is long but interesting.  TL/DR: People studying parapsychology (ESP etc.) have been complaining for decades that nobody takes them seriously, they are held to impossible standards, etc.

Real Serious Psychologist finally gives in and conducts some kind of "psi" experiment.  He finds .. the same "psi" effect as the crazies.  WTF?  So he conducts a meta-analysis of 90 experiments.  The effect holds up.

The least surprising explanation you can come up with now is: the experimenter effect is way stronger than we thought, and acts in ways that nobody has discovered (it still works in situations that would be immune to "Clever Hans").  Also, lots and lots of published and accepted science is conducted to standards of rigor that are capable of proving ESP is real.  Hmm.

What a fascinating read about the crisis of reproducibility in science!  Long, rambling, but quite provocative! An unusual take.  What is wrong with our statistical approach to evidence?
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