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I am at 7500 words. It is much harder to keep the pace going as the days go by. I do feel inspired to write more through this process. I am excited to find out how many words I can end up with. I doubt I will make the 50,000 word count goal. I will just continue to do the best I can!

I have fallen a bit behind. I am going to try to make it up. This is a very rigorous process to stay on track. However, I have written much more than I would have had I not decided to try this. I am going to do the best I can!

I think I just about wrote enough to reach my daily goal. I am still trying to catch up from the first couple days that I was not on target. I am finding my story is beginning to flow a bit easier! I like having a goal to push myself!

I managed to write a bit more than my daily goal today. I am trying to make up some extra words for falling behind the first couple of days. I am pleased that I am making progress. This challenge is helping to push me. I need to feel like I have a goal to meet in order to make progress. I do not know why I cannot seem to make time unless I have a deadline!

I managed to write as much as I needed to for my daily word count. I feel accomplished. I realize it is like building a muscle. It gets easier to flow the more I practice. Thanks for the inspiration. It is great to have people that can encourage me to grow and push forward!

I spent time messing around with learning to use my new Scrivener writing program. I wrote a little, but did not get as much done as I planned. I will try to make it up tomorrow.

I spent the day beginning my organization of the project "Surviving Myself: A Story of Recovery". I did not make as much progress as I had hoped today. I think I am already feeling a bit overwhelmed!

Today is the official start of Nanowrimo 2016 a challenge to write a novel in the month of November. I am officially going to try and do this. I am very nervous and excited though!
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