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Taken delivery of CPAP machine for Sleep Apnea. Quick demo from the rep and it seems we are good to go! Although they link Sleep Apnea with Type 2 Diabetes, what else do we know?

I am starting to wonder how much Sleep Apnea plays a role in the management of my own Diabetes. We know there are links between the Circadian Rhythm and people who's own waking hours are disrupted via shift work for example are finding their own diabetes care disrupted at time.

Anyway hears to good nights sleep! I'm desperate for one! :)

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Sleep well tonight Mike, had a bad night myself last night I think we've become psychically linked..... ;)
Hey it's better than having to take more pharmaceuticals, let me know how it goes as I tend to get myself tested when you do!
+Michelle Petersen, it's called forgetting to keep any type of photographic device away from members of family who then wish to distribute said image of me with a CPAP mask on! ;)
I don't know..... it looks pretty impressive and very comfortable...
It wasn't too bad when fitting it earlier. Will be off in a few to try properly. Fingers crossed! ;-)

Also get the impression that it can help focus one's breathing. Nose only!
So psychological as well, very clever and probably alot more needed in circulation in these times....
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