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Went offsite for lunch today :-)
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Guess you got in and out real fast today...
Yes, the cup does indeed reference John 3:16 on the bottom.  (I just checked.)
By the way, +Daniel C the women's clothing store Forever 21 also prints John 3:16 on the bottom of their bags.  
Well now I know three more things I didn't...

1. There is a store called Forever 21
2. It's for middle aged women as opposed to young people who want to look 21
3. Forever 21 doesn't seem to be owned by the same folks as In-n-Out burger but the owner did copy the idea from the fast food chain
In and out closes all restaurants on Easter Sundays.  I don't think Forever 21 closes all their stores on Easter Sundays.
Good thing there were other comments.  I had no idea where the cup was from.
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