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Day off work = homemade pasta for dinner. Look good +Yvette Winton ?
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My problem was always getting it to not stick to itself in between coming out of the roller and going into the pot.
I've never used a pasta maker, only done it by hand (once) ;-) . Are they pretty easy to use? Or clean?
What kind of sauce are you having?
YUMMMMMMMM.  I LOVE homemade pasta.  Thank you !!!
+Tish Winton we have an attachment for our mixer that does the rolling and cutting.  That makes it pretty easy.  I wouldn't want to do it completely by hand :-)  Cleaning isn't a problem at all - the pasta dough doesn't make much mess, so you just brush off the attachments when you're done and put them back in the box.

We had a vodka tomato sauce that's just a little spicy with ours.  (The kids had simple meat sauce.)
An attachment for your mixer, like a stand mixer that mixes dough or whatever?
I'll have to look it up.  My brain can't imagine such a thing.
Basically it is an attachment that just connects to the motor that drives the mixer (like some mixers have food processor or meat grinder attachments).  But your mixer would have to be designed for these types of accessories.  There are probably hand-crank pasta rollers, too.
Yeah, the hand crank ones are the ones I've seen.
Ohhhhh, that explains it, it goes on the end!  I was trying to picture how in the world a pasta thingy could go underneath.  :rolleyes:
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