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Wow, this new +TRAKTOR tablet app sounds really cool.  Can't wait for an Android edition :-)
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You misspelled "Chromebook Pixel Edition".  :)
From what I hear the audio stack in android just isn't up for the job at this point... Just some rumor I'm spreading but it sounds plausible...
Realistically, I'm going to keep using my S4 anyways.  Call me old-fashioned, but I like knobs, buttons, and sliders.
Yeah -- I hear ya. I would not complain about having something fun to play with on the plane though.
The audio stack in Android has some definite latency issues, although part of that is just the variety of hardware it runs on.  ChromeOS is actually easier to optimize from that perspective.

But you realize, that S4 is just a MIDI controller driving the software.  This is why I've been pushing the Web MIDI API - I think touch screen + hardware controllers is the killer music interface.  It's really annoying when you have to take your hands off your deck to find the mouse and tweak some secondary control, but with touch it would be more intuitive.
+Chris Wilson I totally agree.  I think the thing about the S4 is that it was designed from the beginning to work with Traktor, so it's actually quite rare to need to grab the mouse/trackpad.  (And in the few places where I was finding myself doing it, I tried to solve with slight modifications to the default mapping.)
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