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Anybody expecting a delivery?
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Because those are mapping cars :)
Jai Ko
because it's not currently legal for cars to drive themselves in any state. in california and nevada (I think), cars can be semi-autonomous with human driver behind the wheel. 
I'll take one. Gas is on Google right? 
I have to confess that if I see a car driving by itself, I will have to urge to test how it would respond by doing all kinds of things next to it.
What are those ? Ford Focus ?
Seems silly for streetview.. should have bought Focuses.
I suspect we wanted all wheel drive.
I'm sure you guys know what you are doing - boiling oceans and all like you do - but that's expensive and fuel intensive for a camera dolly. :)
No kidding, I drive an Outback and I average 20mpg.  That was a mistake.  Looking forward to an electric / hybrid vehicle next.
It's a typical Google interview question.  How do you map the world 7 times faster?  a) drive 7 times faster, b) ...
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