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Google I/O 2013 registration opens on March 13th

We know you’ve been anxiously awaiting more details on registration for Google I/O 2013, which will be May 15-17, 2013. We appreciate your patience, and the wait is over!

Registration will open on Wednesday, March 13, 2013 at 7:00 AM PDT (GMT-7) and will remain open until tickets are sold out. Based on demand in previous years, we expect to sell out quickly. Just like last year, ticket prices will be USD $900 for general attendees and $300 for academic attendees, and you’ll need a Google+ account and a Google Wallet buyer account to register.

We’ll be sharing more information about registration and travel planning here and on before registration opens on the 13th.

We’re looking forward to bringing you an amazing and inspiring Google I/O experience!

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...hmm so it would appear that only wealthy individuals get to attend this event!! So very sad!
Well it says $900 for general admittance...that's a lot of money for a two day event....that's slightly more than my rent
$900 + travel expenses? damn well I guess that's ONE way to deal with the scarcity of the tickets.
Lol...tell me about it! I'm in Denver..that's another $900-1300 for me to fly out there with wife and kids (obviously they'd want to travel to San Fran 0
+Chris Weber it wont really deal with the scarcity at all - that's the same price as last year.
Were you a student last year? They pay far less ($300)
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