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Watching a really nice introduction to the Drupal Omega 4 theme (framework). It's a beast and has tons of things to learn and leverage. 

So far I'm using Bootstrap 3.0 (SASS port) and liked it, but this is so much more powerful I think.

Will try to bring both systems together. Bootstrap "UI" on top of the Omega layout (with Panelizer). Let the weekend begin. :)

#drupal   #drupal7   #omega4   #theming  
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Mike Wink

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I have a problem with getting rid of "Saved For Later" content. I just can't get rid of it! I'm one of the Google Reader users and my data was imported into Feedly. Now I cleaned up my feeds and everything and that includes Saved For Later. After getting rid of 90% of the posts, I still have 20 or so that just don't go away. All older than 2 years! :(

Any ideas what I  can do?
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Thank you very much Edwin! Not a big deal, overall I'm pretty satisfied with Feedly! thumb up
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Mike Wink

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Always a good read on a snowy winter weekend. 


Wish you all a nice relaxing weekend, an all the best for your East Coaster in Canada and the USA! 
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Hello Laravel Community. 

I would like to know if you use Stack Overflow (SO) for finding help with problems in Laravel. What are your favourite resources? IRC? Forum? Plain Google? Do you think you find answers easily with the current options?

I'm asking because there is an option to create your own Stack Overflow area for Laravel. Maybe that would help fast growing community to even be more attractive, as most of us are used to SO and how helpful it can be.


Lets open this up for discussion.

#community   #communitymanagement   #laravel  
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But a good one! :)
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New Years Resolutions for 2014: A new concise development workflow!

So new year, new tools new toys to play with. The last year was pretty hectic and so I did not really follow any current best practices in the dev community. But now I have the time to change this. So here we go with a new stack.

One of the new things to incorporate will be a Task Runner/Build Tool like Grunt.js or Anyone using both and has a verdict?

What components are set:

1. PHPStorm and Sublime for Editing
2. Vagrant for system independent development environments (chef or puppet? undecided)
3. Git with the gitflow workflow
4. TravisCI or Jenkins for CI (tending towards lighter Travis right now)
5. Bower and Composer for dependency management

PHP Development:
1. Adhere to PSR 1 and 2 coding standards
1.5 check with php_codesniffer, phpcpd, php_depend, php mess detector …
2. Document code with phpdocumenter 2
3. Unit testing with phpUnit
4. Mink & Behat

That's it for right now. Let's see how this will all come together over the next weeks.

How is your dev stack looking? What are you using? What works and what does not? Feel free to let me know. 

#developerstools   #php   #php5   #devstack   
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Mike Wink

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No words, just listen and enjoy.

…and yes you may remember this in a shorter form from the movie Master and Commander. 
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In my ongoing process to reduce clutter and distraction while working I stumbled upon a little OSX application called "Unclutter" that really helpful and nifty.

What it does is pretty simple. It's flyout app that toggles down from your menu bar, spanning the width of your screen. It's invoked by a shortcut or mouse. What you then see are three panels.

The first panel gives you direct access to your clipboard. So you can browse through your recent entries or even better create favourites. Nice feature, even if it rivals with my Alfred 2 workflow. As I'm used to use Alfred for clipboard management, but we will see.

The second panel is a basic notepad, an area where you can leave notes.

The third panel is the files panel and allows you to drag files into. They are then stored and ready for any use somewhere else. Great for reducing garbage on your desktop. 

In my current workflow I use the note and files panels based on my current project and tasks. That means I make notes, put all relevant files in there and work on my task. When I'm done I get rid of everything and start fresh. 

Unclutter is a really nice addition to my utility app belt. It works really well and does not make any assumptions. I don't see Unclutter as a longterm storage. For something like this I prefer Evernote or Dropbox/Google Drive. 
What I miss are some more keyboard shortcuts to navigate through the panels or add stuff to the panels. Also in times where skeuomorphism is not "hip" anymore an option to go with a more native look would be nice.

So if you want to be more organised and less distracted give Unclutter App a try! 


#unclutterapp   #macapps   #osx  
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Mike Wink

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Hi Laravel Community,

better late than never. :) I'm Mike, a seasoned Drupal (6+ years I know, I know…) developer from Germany.

As most of you know there is a huge update for Drupal in the works and it will change Drupal quite a lot. So before I dive into D8 I want to broaden my horizon and found Laravel.

Two weeks into the Laravel adventure I can say Laravel 4 rocks! Really refreshing to work with it. I'm sure Laravel will become a second area of interest and work for me. I'm already migrating a order management system done in D7 over to L4.1. 

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Hi Mike. Your post caught my attention, as I have been increasing my use of Drupal 7 over the past 2 years. I haven't installed Laravel yet, as I just learned of it last week.  I look forward to seeing how it compares with D7. Drupal is great in some ways, but drives me crazy in others.
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Lots of important resources around Laravel put together in a video. Great! 

#laravel4   #laravel   #community  
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Mike Wink

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Very nice… In my opinion this is a better introduction to quadcopters than Amazons or DHL announcements to send you orders to your home/business in a couple of years. Look at the faces of the audience.  
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(PHP) Drupal and Symfony2 Developer
Drupal, HTML, CSS, PHP, Laravel, Random Web Stuff everyone knows. :)
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Working all day and sometimes night with Drupal. Having fun hacking with Laravel 4.x right now and from time to time I even go out with friends. ;)
Lately I'm diving in to the Symfony2 and Ember.js frameworks to get my head around the new foundation of the upcoming Drupal 8 release (in 2014).
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