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Nerdy Drupal Developer learning Laravel 4, Symfony2, Vagrant and PHPStorm (Sublime Text 3)
Nerdy Drupal Developer learning Laravel 4, Symfony2, Vagrant and PHPStorm (Sublime Text 3)
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Earlier this week I started looking into Meteor JS as an alternative to all the Angular/React hype that's going on right now. After doing the official tutorial I read "Your First Meteor Application" and really liked it. It complements the tutorial really well and paves the way for the even more interesting book "Discover Meteor", that I read right now.

Link: Link:

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Spending the weekend to read some proper book on JS. Read a lot of good things about Eloquent JavaScript (2nd Edition). So let's do it…


Read it for free online or better buy a printed copy if you can. 

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Finally - I found a nice data table!

If you are searching for a new UI toolkit that has a nice datatables/datagrid component and you don't want to spend thousands of [your currency here] for it, like with ExtJS, maybe Webix is the right tool for you. 


It comes with 55 really nice components. Each being really powerful an configurable. I really fell in love with the data tables right now. So much potential in data heavy applications. 

What UI solutions do you use? 


Downloading Elementary OS Freya - check
Installing it in Virtual Box - check
Installing Guest Additions - check
Result: No Retina Support - sucks

Installing Parallels 10 - check
Installing Freya in PD10 - check
Installing Parallels Drivers - check
Result: Black screen - sucks

So, I have to wait until one of the systems supports Freya or at least clever people find a workaround. :/

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Interesting and fun talk about using Laravel in existing php projects. Also a good resource if you want to learn more about how to become a better coder/developer in general. ;)

#laravel4   #laravel   #php5  

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A short update on my experience with Tresorit. Well, I must say I use it and it just works. No problem at all and whether with the Mac client or the iOS clients. I'm still a bit reluctant with the application UI, but that's a minor thing. I add more an more folders to the service and the trust is growing. 

So about a month into using Tresorit I will stick to it und conjunction with my Drive Account where I store all those "not so important" things. 


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New week, new fun in the PHP developer universe right? :) 

So this week I will continue to read as much as I can on stuff related to Laravel and to some degree Restful APIs. So here is my current reading list for this week:

And yes I know there are some big changes coming up in L4.3, but most of the content is still relevant. So if you are interested, give those book a read too. 

1. Build APIs You Won't Hate

2. Laravel Testing Decoded 

3. PHP Objects, Patterns, and Practice (4th Edition)

4. Laravel cookbook (also available from the authors Medium site)

On top of those books it's always fun to read the official documentation of Laravel and PHP too.

What do you read this week?

Do you have recommendations for books on TDD, Testing, System Architecture, Patterns (in PHP)?

#laravel   #laravel4   #php   #php5   #phpunit  

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Back to the future…

It's been some years since I got a task that involves designing a website and create vector (SVG) elements. Normally I would use Adobe Fireworks for that task. I religiously used it back in the early twothousands when I was working with Windows. But now it seams like it's not getting the love it deserves by Adobe. On the other hand I wanted to try something new and Sketch 3 seams to be the right tool with a really nice set of features, fair price and growing community and eco system of plugins/extensions.

After one day of using it to create a vector logo from an old drawing I can say I love it. Feels like in old Fireworks times. I'm fast, I get things done, no UI glutter, streamlined processes and workflows. A good set of features and lots of fun!

So I guess I won't open Photoshop even less now. :)

If you want to give Sketch a try, there is a trail version or you can buy the software in the OSX AppStore.



Dear Google YouTube,

I really like your service for getting videos from conferences I did not attend, Arduino projects I'm interested in and some old music videos from the glorious 90ies. ;)

But what I don't want are "recommendations" for those German kiddies that talk nonsense all day long, make clips full of thin air and have a huge fan base of even more mentally retarded kids and teens. Why in the world do you recommend them to me even if I tell you I'm not interested and they share no topics with what I watch? 

Ohh yeah, I know, because they make money for you. Fine. But I don't want to see them, and so won't see the ads either. So please keep me alone and let me find interesting material on your platform. 

Thank you


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