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Mike Wilson
Everything begins with an idea
Everything begins with an idea

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Having trouble crafting interesting social media content on a regular basis? Here are some good resources. 
Need content to tweet, post, and pin? Here are some places you can find it:

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Things that make you go Hmmmmm...about Google+ from Chris Brogan

Meditation complete. I can begin my day now.

“It is a curious fact that when you get sick you want an uncommon doctor; if your car breaks down, you want an uncommonly good mechanic; when we get into war we dreadfully want an uncommon admiral or an uncommon general. I have never met a father and mother who did not want their children to grow up to be uncommon men and women. May it always be so. For the future of America rests not in mediocrity, but in the constant renewal of leadership in every phase of our national life.” -H Hoover

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Not a crappy idea at all!

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I feel like I'm in an alternate universe here. Well, it's time to dig in and build!

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