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Mike Williams
Self Driven, Thai Foodie, Social Media Enthusiast, Family Man Who Loves to Workout, Read Leadership & Marketing Books & Pay $13.50 For Movie
Self Driven, Thai Foodie, Social Media Enthusiast, Family Man Who Loves to Workout, Read Leadership & Marketing Books & Pay $13.50 For Movie
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I've struggled for the longest time, trying to build a business. I've spent thousands (five figure thousands) of dollars, gone into debt, overdrawn bank accounts, had collection agents tapping into my phone and the list goes on.

Through it all I refused to quit. I refused to sit back and watch life pass me by wondering if I had what it takes to live my dream.

Today, bills are paid in advance, if a collector calls, they have the wrong person, debt has decreased by 50%, and the days of overdrawing accounts are long gone.

Was it painful, frustrating and tear jerking? Hell yeah, but I'm thankful for every moment. It made me the man I am today.

YOUR struggle is not final!

Keep pushing...
Keep learning...
Keep failing forward...

You got this!

Anything worth anything is going to take time, risk and hustle. Don't let these instant gratification marketing message fool you. Making a crap load of money online don't come easy just because you have a social media account.

It's going to take money, time and a whole lot of effort. If you don't have money, you should be grinding it out speaking to as many people as possible online and off!

Type until your fingers bleed...
Talk on the phone until you get the dry mouth...

Dreams are only dreams until you hustle for them to materialize.

Some of YOU put in effort for others ALL the time at the 9 to 5. You get up on time, you show up on time, you come back from lunch on time, you put in your vacation times on time, you make all your deadlines because you know if you don't, you're fired.

Its time to put in some effort for yourself.

Before you go to work, before you go to sleep, between dealing with the kids and being a spouse...


Following the dream will solve most of your problems in the long run!

Two years ago I wasn’t able to see myself living in a 3,000 square foot home, buying my wife a brand new car and making over $5,000 in a single day.


I use to cry myself to sleep at night. I would sit up staring off into space trying to figure out where to find the money to pay my car note, phone bill, insurance, rent, school loans, and day to day business expenses.

I want this pain to end for you. I want you to create a life you deserve. I want you to build the business you’ve always wanted to build.

I'm looking to work with 10 entrepreneurs. I've created a 6 month business boost session to help you get more results in your business and do it fast.

I want you to learn how I went from soaking my pillow with tears each night, worrying about the bills, raising a family of six in a two bedroom apartment to moving into a 3,000 square foot home while building a successful business online.

No more amateur marketing techniques.
No more wasting time on losers and broke minded people.
No more dreadful mistakes.

Who is this for?

This is for hungry people. People who are fed up and willing to do what it takes to start living the dream.

This is specifically for:

-Network Marketers who are tired of doing it the old way and ready to get more leads than they can handle.
-Affiliate Marketers who are tired of hunting for customers and want to learn how to create a system to attract customers to them.
-Entrepreneurs whose businesses are draining the life out of them and are almost ready to throw in the towel.
-People who are ready to leave their jobs, step into their power and be great!

Who is this NOT for:

-It’s NOT for NON action takers.
-It’s NOT for people who don’t believe in investing in themselves.
-It’s NOT for lazy, excuse making, whining folks who rather talk themselves out of being successful.

If you're ready to be pointed in the right direction. Join the event now!

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The ones we love distract us the most!

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Discover my secret as an ex-group home manager with No Special Skills who went from struggling online to making 5 figures in less than 30 days...

How to create a loyal following of Targeted Leads who share your story and build your contact list for you with 10 to 50 NEW leads per day...

The #1 Reason Online Marketers Fail and how you can avoid this pitfall in 4 proven steps anyone can apply...

Learn 3 Uncommon Marketing Methods rarely used to close more sales with a small list...

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Mid Week Motivation Vol 1, Video 8: Do YOU Know What You Want?
If you want to live a happy life, tie your life to a clear goal. Time some time to discover what you want out of life!

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