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Just got +Formatt-Hitech's new Firecrest 100mm Holder System in the mail today, and it is fantastic, and I can't wait to use it! What a great design, and the build quality looks and feels great.

And what a beautiful package, too. Wouldn't you agree, +Julia Anna Gospodarou​?

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MJ Whiteman

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This can't be a good thing. 
"It is unimaginable," said famed primatologist Jane Goodall. "National Geographic being owned almost entirely by climate deniers."
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The more the standards fall, the more likely I am to get a shot published by them :)
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Love this game. Super cool. Eerie, misty, dark, spooky, puzzling, and fun. And it's all in glorious black & white.
Uncertain of his sister's fate, a boy enters LIMBO. What the press said: “L...
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MJ Whiteman

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Skynet! ! 
The famous theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking, has revived the debate on whether our search for improved artificial intelligence will one day lead to thinking machines that will take over from us. The British scientist made the claim during a wide-ranging interview with the BBC. Hawking has the motor neurone disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and the interview touched on new technology he is using to help him communicate.
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Congratulations +Trey Ratcliff​​, on surviving yet another trip around the Sun! Well done! ! ! 
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What is worthy of your thoughts or time? Are you yourself worthy? Of course you are! Which means so is everyone else, according to my math.

And doncha need clean water just to live and have precious thoughts like these? Of course you do!

So show yourself and others some of that love you deserve by checking out +Jessica Lark​'s post below.

Do it. You're worthy. Aren't you? :-)
If you do nothing else, like, comment, and share to help <3  

Go to and make a donation.  $10 is the equivalent of bringing clean water to one person for an entire year.... $200 would offer 20 people drinking water for 365 days, or offer one child life giving water for the next 20 years of their life... and you in return will get $665 value for 1/3 the cost.  

A 90 minute personal business mentoring session. (You'll pay $270 for that normally)  Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of my Artistic Seductions Book with Certificate of Authenticity ($125) and a one day entry into my Nourish Retreats With JLark - Las Vegas ($270) value.

There are many amazing mentors offering their services and expertise for this great cause. <3  I am honored to share their company in the fight for a better world.

Won't you join me in helping to support Thirst Relief International <3

Please. <3
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MJ Whiteman

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I am devotee of the gospel preached by the amazing +Julia Anna Gospodarou and the equally wonderful +Joel Tjintjelaar, who together created "From Basics to Fine Art - Black and White Photography – Architecture and Beyond" (, a fantastic book on creating black and white fine art photography, with a focus on architecture and long exposure techniques.

In their book, Julia talks extensively about vision, and more specifically (en)Visionography, and how critical it is in the creation process. This is somewhat related to (although at a much deeper, philosophical, and modern level) the concept of "pre-visualization", which Ansel Adams so famously advocated.

I read Julia and Joel's wonderful book, and I even attended one of Julia's amazing workshops in Chicago (a transcending experience for me - I highly recommend it), yet being the young photographer that I am (notice I didn't say person, I said photographer), I still struggle with vision at times. Often I find a subject or scene that I like, but yet no matter how long I look at it, and regardless from how many angles, I still don't see that pristine printed piece of gallery-worthy fine art that is just waiting to be created.

The author, Alister Benn (, provides some very interesting food for thought on pre-visualization and intent, and some truths he's observed about the effect they can have on the creative process.

This article resonated with me because I now know I'm not alone and there are others in this boat. We know what direction we're going in, we know we're headed towards a beautiful place, but we're not always entirely sure of what it looks like. But in the end, we'll find out when we get there.  :)
Great clarification on previs vs post methods in our new guest article by guest writer and professional landscape photographer Alister Benn.
Article by Guest Writer Alister Benn Most people are familiar with the term pre-visualization, and many consider it to be the holy grail of mastering the art of photography. The concept, in short, is to somehow imagine the final image in your mind before you have even taken it. The term itself is attributed to either… Continue Reading
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MJ Whiteman

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Congratulations to my fellow X-man and Arcanumite, +Morgan Murphy​, for surviving another trip around the Sun! Well done laddie, well done, indeed! 
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Have you felt like you just wanted to quit?, start over?, have a re do?

A while ago I felt just that way and I wrote a post about it, I even shared it with a few people, but I held back when it came to sharing it publicly.  I want to say it was because I didn't want to be misunderstood as whining or being a complainer, but really, at the heart of it I didn't want to be vulnerable.  At least not publicly.  Funny thing is, that is exactly what I encourage others to do, to be brave,  in spite of how we feel, and to be honest.  So  That's what I'm sharing with you.  How I wanted to quit, and how making a choice about it changed everything!  This was that post………………

Sometimes success feels like failing, Success is more about not quitting than getting it right all the time. The only way to fail is not to try.
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Yes. Yes I do.

#bacon #vodka #baconvodka
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Took my wife there for the first time on her birthday and walked away extremely disappointed; I will never go there again. I had the pecan encrusted trout - virtually no flavor at all, extremely bland. The red mashed potatoes that came with it barely had more flavor then the fish. My wife had a seafood bowl and the shrimp were tough and overdone. Our son had the ribeye, ordered medium, and it was also overdone. If we're at some family restaurant along Woodward like Ram's Horn, then I would have been fine with it because that's the quality of food I would have expected (which is why I wouldn't go to one of those restaurants for dinner), but at a place like Mitchell's, with the prices they have, I expected waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more. The appearance of the food even looked bland. And there was a ton of dust on top of the partition separating the row of booths. The interior of the place reminds me of my friend's house - when I was a kid back in the late 60's! The wait staff, however, was very nice. But the food? Terrible. I'm really shocked at how poor it was. The dessert, sharkfin pie, was decent, but the middle layer was frozen solid and you had to wait over 5 mins before you could eat it. They should have let it sit a few minutes before bringing it to the table. The steak and seafood bowl were $30 a piece, and my trout was $22, by the way. Again, I will never go there again - extremely overrated and a big rip-off. For that kind of money, go to some place like The Root, Mabel Gray, Selden Standard, Bacco, etc. Granted, those places are not seafood joints so maybe it's not a completely fair comparison, but money-wise the dining experience you will have compared to Mitchell's is ridiculous and shameful.
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